Wednesday, January 5, 2022

AG Doll of the Year Announced

Welcome to the Collection Corinne Tan

 American Girl brand announces a Girl of the Year doll, and the 2022 Girl of the Year is Corinne Tan. Corinne grew up with her Chinese American family in Aspen, Colorado, where she enjoys skiing, being a big sister, and training her new puppy to be a search-and-rescue dog. As brave as she is on the mountain, Corinne must find her balance as she adjusts to her new blended family and finds the courage to speak up when faced with xenophobic comments. 

Monday, January 3, 2022

Happy Monday! Inspirational Monday :)


Time to SPARKLE **

Monday started off with kids returning to school (virtual).

Weather is sunny here in Cali 60* 

Drop a comment down below and tell me how your Monday is going :)

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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Sunday 01/02/2022 * Motivational message*

 Good Sunday Morning

Started the day picking up a few things at the store.

Did a bit of cleaning and organizing.

Getting the kids ready to tackle Virtual Edu again :)

Everyone is well!
As the message states BREATHE and RELAX know that you can face any challenge.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

New Year- New YOU 2022 **Motivational Message Day1

 ****Happy  New Year 2022***


A lot has happened this year.

     Covid and other things had taken a toll on many. Me included. From aunts to uncles, cousins to friends it has been a rough couple of years.

     This past May I was DX'd with a pulmonary embolism in my lower left lung. Life sentence ABSOLUTELY... death sentence I FOUGHT AND WON (for now).I am now nearly 8 months out and 3months clear. 

     My life now evolves around eating better, snacking less and exercising more. Do I have any tips or tricks NOT REALLY. My motivation is my family (kids and hubby) and the extended family. 

     This year I will focus back on reviewing products but it will be items that benefit a healthful lifestyle. No not gross foods and exercise equipment (that is unless some is offered, hint hint) but more sustainable lifestyle for someone like me that has learned the value of life.

     I will still review with SparkReviewer. I will still do product reviews.

     My goal is to leave a feel good message daily I cannot promise daily because I tend to get caught up in the daily family activities but I will do my best.

Leave me a message on how you are doing. Do you feel AMAZING? Have you had a real fight this year? 

#1 You are AMAZING!!

#pulmonaryembolismawareness #PEsurvivor 


Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Cheat Sheet for you Air Fryer (models vary)

 I have owned an Air Fryer since the beginning of the Fad. I tend to try different foods and have compiled this list for your own personal use. 

Thanks to

The air fryer is a nice addition to any countertop. The foods are cooked without use of oil and in less time. 
**as always all posts are IMO and opinions may vary**

Thursday, October 14, 2021

I have Conquered a PE Blood Clot #survivor #miracle

 On October 13th #WTDay2021  my Pulmonologist sent me to the Heart Hospital for a follow up CT with contrast due to some lingering issues I had over the weekend. He told me before I went " Remember IT WILL NEVER GO AWAY" "it may shrink BUT it WILL NEVER BE GONE".

After spending 6 hours in observation due to my <3 being tachy a full work up, CT with Contrast, the need for 5 Potassium pills..........DRUMROLL PLEASE...........

I am CLOT FREE!! NO CLOT COULD BE FOUND.. 😕 Don't get me wrong I am ecstatic but utterly confused. 

FB post: I was DX'd with a acute chronic PE in my lower right lung in May of 2021 and spent 3 days in the Heart Hospital. I began to experience the same symptoms but my ❤ was tachy. Had a contrast CT done yesterday #5mosPostDX and was told the PE that would never dissolve is GONE #vanished #notrace I am stumped, a non believer was told this was nothing less than a death sentence.. and NOW I am clot free? Don't get me wrong I am HAPPY but confused.

Now I am asking for a 2nd opinion. Is this a MIRACLE? Is this a mistake? Did I just cheat death and won? Did I really have a Chronic clot or was it just Acute?

FB post: Today I am told I have Bilateral Emphysema (never smoked a day) and a cyst on my Liver (per CT) of which none of that showed in May. Now my PE has been cured is it a "miracle"? or was I being treated for something I did not have? Just today I saw my Pulmonologist and he said "WHAT YOU HAVE WILL NEVER GO AWAY IT MIGHT SHRINK EVENTUALLY BUT NEVER GO AWAY" SOOO how does one explain this? My gall bladder is enlarged(side effect of Xarelto)..cysts on my Liver( side effect of Xarelto).. unable to maintain Potassium level (side effect of Xarelto).

For now I am a "SURVIVOR" I fought and "Won" 

Thursday, October 7, 2021

October 07 2021 5 mos Post DX PE blood clot #goli #xarelto

      Today is 5 months since my life changing DX of a PE blood clot. How did I get it? Good question. Speculation is Covid -19 could it be something else ....could be but not likely.

      I went from being a home schooling mom(during covid) working as a sub aide for the handicapped in a High School setting to a stay at home mom(hopefully temporary). 

      I was overly healthy minus HBP and the usual Anemia, had a couple setbacks due to a throat surgery and Hysterectomy but other than that.. I was good.

      Went to see an Urgent Care in March 2020 told I had Bronchitis and my kids did as well, though we had the weird body aches, random fevers that lasted weeks not days, cough that lingered and to finish it all loss of taste and smell. The kids were tested for influenza and strep and tested Neg for both so told it was Bronchitis likely exacerbated by their asthma. 

*3 weeks later we were all healed* OR SO I THOUGHT

May 7th 2021 my DX PE--(previous post)

I now have COPD (never smoked) Potassium deficiency and CO2 too high and will require O2 as well as BiPAP. Thank you PE for making me O2 dependent (sarcasm). I am 49 !!

I now have lost 35 lbs, am on a medication called Xarelto still need my HBP pills and now am taking an extra one to control my BP. I as well take a Potassium pill because I am deficient I take supplements of Tumeric and eat everything with Cayenne. I take Goli Apple Cider and SuperGreens. I have had no soda i drink water and 1 cup of coffee a day. I eat very little meat if I do Chicken and some pork. Limited bread. Low salt, low fat diet. 

I feel well (enough)