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Friday, December 5, 2014

**My Top Book Picks for Dec 2014** #holidaygiftguide

Whether it be Christmas or just because I enjoy adding books to my childrens library. I have some picks for great reads for this year and its gift guide in no particular  order:) as they are all fantastic books.
As I was reading this I was touched by the way the author really created the story. Joey friends balloon, becomes very attached to it and one day it was gone. It really gave meaning to the book and taught the readers a vivid picture of a young boys loss and desperation to have the feeling he had with the balloon. It ends showing us how he became at eace and grasped a whole new understanding of growing and life.

Great book teaching children to not judge others and is perfect if you are trying to show children that bullying is no fun. I think this is a great read for the kids, has great lessons and I am very impressed with the lizard being the hero in the book. 
Wizard Lizard Rides the Subway (The Principle Gang Series)
Like the other book in the series I feel the other has a very impressive way of slipping in life lessons in a way that children can understand. As with the other book it is also an anti bullying message (great idea but only need so many in a series before I get burned out and my kids lose interest). The illustrations were the key to the cuteness of the book and made it more enjoyable not repetitive.
This was a spectacular book, unlike any others I own. I felt it was very engaging with the pictures and the flaps and folded sections, pictures and maps give the story. I myself learned a lot about the forbidden city, unfortunately my little ones lost interest because it was in depth and a little wordy for them. This would be perfect for a little bit older kids as it is very descriptive and imaginative. 
I as a mom enjoyed it and may put it in my book shelf for now as I may have to pull it out again. People and animals CAN live together in harmony :)
This was a very well written and very descriptive book and it felt like I had a serious history lesson unlike any other. This is by far the most grown up childrens book I have read and honestly I read it to myself, as my kids had no idea what a China was. I had heard of the forbidden city but this created the vivid picture of what was really happening in those walls and courtyards. I thought the magnifying glass was a cute idea and the illustrations were marvelous. This is perfect for that pre teen or teen that is really into history.
**I was provided this list of books for my honest review and to be included in my gift guide. I feel that they are a perfect fit for anyone looking to add to their library. All opinions are my own and I will not be compenstaed for this positive review**

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