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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

JBL Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker #GiftGuide2014

I received this JBL Bluetooth Rechargeable Clip portable wireless speaker and thought it to be exceptional for the teen in my home. The clip is perfect for his backpack or belt loop and has a sturdy latch. You can plug it in easily to any portable device using its 3.5 mm integrated audio cable, but you can play it wirelessly using its Bluetooth functionality, streaming your music with no strings or cables attached. It is perfect for the on the go kid or adult. The directions could use some wording rather than just illustrations, it does take a minute to figure out what the pictures say to get the clip turned on, synced and able to make phone calls amplified. 

It has a power button, phone compatible button and sync button, once you get it synced you are in business. I did try with multiple phones in my home which all connected and synced to the device and it worked equally well on all 3. I thought the sound was clear and easily understood, no crackling or gaps in speech. If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod you can use that AC adapter to charge it. I don't know if other cells have 5 volts AC adapters. Just make sure its a 5 volt AC/USB adapter. Clip isn't waterproof or dust-proof, so you may want to avoid using it too close to the pool. **All opinions are my own and others can and may differ**

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