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Monday, October 19, 2015

***********Ghost Squad DVD*********** Giveaway!! #ad

**video received in exchange for my unbiased opinion**

Ghost Squad Trailer from Extreme Media Group on Vimeo.
Charlie makes a bet with a bully to spend Halloween night in a haunted house. What seems like an easy challenge turns into a night of frights when the three friends must outsmart a ghost dog named Salty.

You know how tough middle school can be and when a group of older kids dare them to stay the night in a haunted house (rumored) how can anyone say YES!! So this trio loaded up their gadgets and set out on a night anticipating spooky and frightening and were greeted by a ghostly pal. This is a total family friendly movie, many plots and turns to keep the whole family on the edge of their seats.
Not Yet Rated-but was enjoyed by my 5&8yr olds.

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Released Jan 1st 2015
Lying to their parents about their whereabouts for the evening, the best friends camp out together with plenty of gadgety stake-out gear. If they make it through the night, they hope to win over the girls they have been crushing on. However, the night takes an interesting turn when they encounter a ghost-dog in the haunted house! Now they must find the courage to confront the ghost, learning the age-old lesson that a ghost-dog just wants a friend. In the end, they win the respect of the bullies and the hearts of their girl-best friends. Although they might not be sure of what they saw in that house, they have certainly become more sure of themselves.

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