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Monday, May 25, 2015

May Box #HormelFamily Blogger #sp

**products reviewed in this post were provided for the purposes of review, all opinions are my own and opinion is not swayed on receipt of product**


Another month-another box!!
Did YOU know?:
National Salsa Month: May is National Salsa month, so kick it off with a salsa-themed meal using varying levels of spice and see just how hot you can go – jalapenos, anyone? Cool down with this Chicken Milanese Quesadilla recipe – a perfect blend of marinated chicken and creamy citrus flavors – using HERDEZ® Tortillas in traditional white corn, cracked whole wheat or classic flour varieties. 

     I had the opportunity to try the Herdez Tortillas in combination with the Herdez Cooking Sauces which was more favorable than expected. I have  little kids as well as big kids in my home and it is not the taste of the food but the "heat" from the food that I am always concerned with.
              ***Shredded Chicken Soft Tacos**
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts in crock pot(frozen or thawed)
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup-1 cup chicken broth or water
cook on low 7hours
remove from crockpot, with 2 forks shred chicken to your liking(empty water from crockpot), return shredded chicken to crockpot, add jar of Herdez cooking sauce (I used Red Guajillo Chile-as this was provided in my box)  I did add a 1/2 of water to chicken sauce mixture because I wanted the meat and sauce to be thin so as not to burn or get chewy. Turn back on low cook for 1 hour.
**sauce One of the most widely used peppers across Mexico, the guajillo chile’s aromatic green tea notes and slightly sweet berry undertones are artfully paired with fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes to create our Red Guajillo Chile Mexican Cooking Sauce. A tangy, fruity finish with gentle heat, this robust red chile sauce is ideal for cooking up

** My impression was it was either going to be too fruity or too spicy and it was neither it had a mild heat, that was non lingering. The flavor was a hit in my home and the flavor combination is endless, so many ideas and so many uses. This is perfect for a family with little ones who like the mexican food just not the burning taste.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Touched By An Angel *I Will Walk With You* CBS

now from Walmart it will be available in June.
*product received as a review product for my unbiased opinion*

As Monica begins her final assignment, she hopes for a promotion to supervisor. Tess and the angels testify to her strengths as she arrives in a town filled with old friends...and, mysteriously, no children. Monica tries to give the town the strength to pull together after heartbreak - even as she faces off with the ultimate adversary...the devil, himself.

Starring:Roma Downey, Della Reese, John Dye
Studio Name:Paramount Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date:06/02/2015
Rating:Not Rated
Audio Tracks:Digital Sound
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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Celebrate Mom on Mothers Day - Coca-Cola Mini product #ad #MiniFamilyTime

Coca-Cola mini is the perfect product for the family. Why not celebrate mom with some refreshment and family time for her special day. Pull up a chair and let her know how much you appreciate her on this special day. With the Coca Cola mini anytime can be family time.

Coca-Cola mini is easy to grab on the go and will surely put a smile on her face. Find your favorite Coca-Cola product at a retailer near you.

I am a mom and will be spending my Mothers Day with my beautiful kids. Please enjoy the video as it was created by regular everyday mothers just like you and me.

**all opinions are my own**

Thursday, May 7, 2015

** Moms Day with some Church's Chicken**

Hurry in to your participating Church's Chicken for your Mothers Day surprise.

**Light Up the Fun with an Army Camo Party** #ad

Birthday Express

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camo army party supplies

Atttennnn-tion! Does your little soldier have a birthday coming up? Then your mission is to report
 for duty to Birthday Express! They have all the supplies and gear you'll need to throw your little
 Ranger the perfect party!

Camo Army Party Supplies - Invitations? Check. Plates, cups, napkins, and utensils? Check. Birthday
 candles and balloons? Check and check. Birthday Express' Camo Army Soldier Value Party Pack
s all the party essentials you'll need to complete your party-planning mission - and at a cost that is
sure to earn you a rank increase.

Camo Army Decorations - In addition to the red and blue balloons, ribbons, and red crepe paper that
 is included in the Camo Army Value Party Pack, the Birthday Express'
Camo Army Solider personalized banner will create an official party headquarters. You could also
 go with a camo-themed decor and turn the party zone into a top-secret special ops base for the little solider and their

Camo Army Games & Favors - No Army-themed party would be complete without Birthday Express' Camouflage Tank Party Game. Each solider is blindfolded and is tasked with getting the tank
sticker onto the target. Talk about a tough assignment! Fortunately in this game, everyone is a winner.
 To show their appreciation for their troop's dedication, the birthday kid can ensure that each party
attendee is field-ready with the Camo Army Solider Filled Favor Box. Supplies include, binoculars, a
 compass, a dog tag, aviator sunglasses, and Army soldier stickers.

And what soldier would be ready for birthday duty without their very own camo vest and
 camo helmet? Birthday Express has all these items and more! Copy that. Over and out.

Camo Army Soldier Value Party Pack

Camouflage Tank Party Game

Camo Army Solider Filled Favor Box

Monday, May 4, 2015

*Mothers Day is COMING!! * Gift Ideas #ad #gleam


      Mothers Day is coming, its right around the corner, May 10th which is next Sunday is upon on. I am a mother(x4) so of course I know when this holiday arrives, whether it be commercials on TV or adverts in stores I know the day is coming that the schools have my little ones make all the cute little presents. Don't have that present yet? Here are some gift ideas:

This is a new company to me while searching for shimmer, bronze and the like I came across.
Melanie Mills is one of Hollywood’s leading style-makers and beauty consultants, known for her glamorous flair, supreme talent, and vivacious personality. Melanie’s journey to glitter and glam began in Thousand Oaks, California.
Melanie’s products and tips for creating flawless makeup for the face and body have appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and Access Hollywood Live, Hallmark channel's Home and Family as a Beauty Consultant, and in national publications including Allure,  EssenceShapeVogueInStyleUS WeeklyOKRedbook, and People, among others.

Gleam is a body radiance so any mom that likes shimmer, glitter or to "POP" will LOVE!!

The lip radiance shine is so soft and easy to apply, very moisturizing without the slimy feeling. It is long lasting and offers lip tightening :) It is equally easy to remove and does not dry out the lips. The brush is a sponge like applicator and adhears well to the product. Check back often as new lines and colors come out frequently. 

This is the body radiance it can be used as a contour, bronzer or a highlighter. It comes in an easy to squeeze tube. It applies easily and is not cake-y, the color blends well with any skin tone. The pictures are to show how it looks from the tube and then to not quite blended in for #advertising purposes. It gives you the shine without all the sparkle. 


*product received in exchange for my unbiased opinion*