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Friday, April 24, 2015

*Gardening Tool Set 4 piece w/Hooks for storage*

This is a 4 piece gardening tool set containing a hand rake, a gardening rake, a shovel and the grip gloves and is sold by uniquedetails but fulfilled by Amazon.
*I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review*

I was excited to receive his product as my kids love to garden and was sure these would be perfect for them. When I received I was not aware how light weight they were, they were not as strong as I expected, but while my kids used them they really did withstand all their abuse :)

The product did have some minor flaws upon arrival, I am sure it was due to packaging per shipping station not per seller. The prongs on trowel were smooched and uneven. The base of the hand shovel as well had scratches and indents. Neither of which affect the product itself.

The gloves are thin but have the nice little grips which make it easier to hold utensil with no slipping.

Kind of wondered it said came with hooks, it did not it came with openings on product to make them easier to store. A hook is something you hang not something that has an opening. 

It is a perfect product for someone who does gardening  and prefers light weight less than perfect product.

This review is not meant to be negative but rather to point out minor inconsistencies with the product.

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