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Friday, March 20, 2015

Pet Seat Cover &Giveaway #ad

*Product received in exchange for my honest opinion.all opinions are my own and receipt of product does not promise positive feedback*
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     I am the loving mommy to 3 dogs and 5 cats and you can imagine, as a responsible pet owner, we have and do make numerous trips to Vets and just rides in cars or our truck. This Pet Seat Cover with Anchors was a godsend for my vehicles, as nothing is more time consuming then repeated vacuuming and the slight chance of "piddling" have to shampoo the carpets. 

     I decided to use this seat cover in my truck because it is more roomy and the ability to carry for dogs just works.

     This is packaged in a plastic packaging with a large dog on the front but do not worry my dogs are not large and it is perfect. When it is unpackaged it is quilted on 75% of outside and lined with a plastic which appears to be waterproof.

 It does have two plastic handles covering center of quilting (my assumption is to make it easy to remove when finished using or needing to be cleaned). It has two nice sized Velcro sections in center to allow the belt clasps to be installed. 

(anchors are attached). The top and bottom of quilted section do have corner huggers (that's what I call them :)) to prevent the sliding of cover when in use.

 The harness that comes with latches into current belts are very adjustable yet strong, I do have 2 chi-weenies and a terrier and I am able to adjust to the chi-weenies perfect and the terrier with a lil extra. The anchors cover a handle style and slip easily through the seat to hold in even more firm.

     The cover itself is easy to vacuum and wipe clean, as for washing I would hand wash if possible because I am concerned that the plastic would either be damaged by my machine or it just might get stuck because of the huggers. I would recommend keep the Velcro closed when not in use, my dogs had a tendency to play with it and chew on it, similar experience if anchor was noticeable. A nice towel and spot remover works wonders as well as a waterless shampoo that you can vacuum(my opinion only). 

**I did not notice any smell nor residue left behind when removing product. It did not come with directions but it is pretty easy to figure out. Its ease is novice due to there is no special trick of the trade or tools needed. Product is meant for pets or animals but honestly could be used if you have messy kids.**
*Product received in exchange for my honest opinion.all opinions are my own and receipt of product does not promise positive feedback*
*Provided by the company because I stated it did not come with instructions*

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