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Saturday, February 21, 2015

*Clorox**S.O.S Pads*

America's #1 most versatile cleaning product and I can honestly say these have been in my home since I was a child.S.O.S from the makers of Clorox products. I remember these steel wool pieces sitting counter-top after a messy dinner, as a child thinking what in the world is that for. These were used for pots, pans and stoves but as they have evolved they are soap filled and so more useful in any home.

They cut through grease and grime, remove baked on messes(as the commercial states) and no need to apply dish soap(because its already in there. I use these on my pyrex glassware often because even with cooking spray the mess is still there.

 Recently I learned how handy S.O.S were in other rooms of the house, including the bathroom. Just think tub, tiles and linoleum and you understand the messes that can be related. Soap scum is no match for an S.O.S pad in your bathtub. Those glass doors in the shower looking a little worn and dingy pull out an S.O.S soap pad to make them shiny and new.

Do you BBQ? If you do, these work great at getting off that stuck on grime that your meat leaves behind. Use it on the tools to pretty them up and it works well around the handles of tools to get that hidden stuck on pieces.

Don't forget the car!! The S.O.S pads works to clean the tires and wheels, bumper scuffs and even the headlight covers that become discolored from sun or seasonal damage. Did you see that bug on the windshield? Remove it with an S.O.S pad, no scratch to glass, no worry.

Super easy to use:
Wet pad with water, scrub your item and rinse clean. *how easy is that!!*
When finished with pad remove particles that get stuck and wedged in pad and allow to air dry. To dry I recommend places on a piece of aluminum foil to prevent the rusting while sitting on a damp area.
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