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Monday, December 8, 2014

**Tryazon and Rhodes Dinner Party** #ad

 I was one of the 50 accepted for this party opportunity!  #tryazon.

Tryazon is a new fun and exciting way to host a Home Party with the help and incentives some of your favorite companies. I had the opportunity to host one of the FIRST parties and could not be more excited at the outcome. 

The idea of a home party is to invite friends, family or whomever you want to your home. You eat good food and enjoy each other with a party partially covered by the company. Tryazon is NEW and it is still in testing phase but to me it was perfect. I mean really??..who does not like 1.) having a party and 2.) someone else footin' the bill.

Rhodes is a brand of dinner bread, rolls, bread loaves etc that you can do pretty much anything with whether it be a main course or dessert Rhodes has you covered. I though a nice touch to a party would be a pizza with all the fixin's using none other than Rhodes bread. You don't have to be a chef to create something yummy for everyone to enjoy.

Garlic bread balls.. dough room temp, melted butter, poke holes in dough balls, dip to saturate, place on line pan, sprinkle w garlic powder..bake as directed

Pizza..dough room temp either flatten w roller(flat pan or pizza pan) or cut into pieces(2 qt casserole dish)..cover with favorite toppings..cooks till golden brown 
(thank you Freda amazing)

Monkey bread
Cinnamon rolls
Caramel rolls
the ideas are endless go get some for yourself and don't be afraid to share your favorites.

**All opinions are my own, this is a sponsored post, no affiliate links are contained**

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