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Friday, March 21, 2014

#DisneySide @Home Celebration Host

     As a child, I can remember my first trip to DisneyLand to see Mickey, Minnie and the gang for a day of fun and rides. I was not living in California so I did have to wait for a time when we traveled to visit a family friend and made that one magical trip.

      I, as a mom now, live in California within 2 hours of the vacation destination and can make trips there to brighten my kids day but not nearly as often as I would like. So to my surprise the opportunity arose for me to HOST a #DisneySide @HOME celebration and bring the excitement right to my living room, or as I chose my kids classroom. My son had a birthday coming and this was the perfect way to incorporate #Disney and #Celebration all in the area of a classroom with kids that most likely had not been able to visit. (Because this is a special needs classroom the kids can not be pictured.) So lets get this party started!!
Definitely the highlight of the kids party, getting to create their own party shirts. I lined a table and put out Fabric Markers(included in kit, Crayola, I did purchase 2 more packs of markers) and T-shirts(included in kit-Hanes). Each child had the ability to create what they felt Disney meant to them they worked very hard to make the artwork and could not wait to put on the shirts.(I think they did amazing!!)

 My kit came with a wide array of product but felt i needed more for a party and I stuck to the Disney theme. I did find my items at a couple stores to include Target and Michaels, with the exception of the gift bags which I did create myself for party purposes.

 These are my custom made-by-me bags, simple white lunch bags(.99c store) and die cut stickers from same store that were glittery and shiny with so many sticker variations and sticking to my theme I used curling ribbon to tie the bags shut.
 this is ideas of (top2) items included in my party box and (bottom2) items I purchased from various stores. As you notice the kit contained some super cute items such as cookie cutters, party supplies and decos as well as balloons and all came nicely tucked in a suitcase with printer paper and cardboard carry all envelopes to prevent any damage to party photos or creations.

 This is a happy birthday boy, who celebrated his 7th birthday with his friends and family while making memories for them all.

As mentioned for privacy reasons the picture has been blurred as per agreement with the school for me to be able to share the celebration with this classroom but you can still see the smiles on their faces.
   Make sure you take the time to visit Disney Side Celebrations for your next Disney themed Party:)

A big Thank YOU to MomSelect, BSMmedia and Disney for this one of a kind magical celebration. Party supplies were provided as well as purchased, compensation was the promotional items provided. All opinions are my own and the way the party is run is up to host. Thank you to XXXXXX Elementary for allowing me to create the classroom chaos:)

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