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Thursday, November 14, 2013

**My Pacific Pearls** #MyPacificPearls

Pearl Earrings and Necklaces - Genuine High Quality Pearl Jewelry

     I had the opportunity to review a beautiful piece of jewelry from My Pacific Pearls, a family owned and a global leader in the pearl jewelry industry. I have to say, I had never owned a pearl necklace and it was something on my "bucket list" and now i can cross that off because now I have a beautiful, real, piece of hand made beauty.
     The my Pacific Pearls offers one of the lowest prices and chances are no other company can beat their price, but if you do find it cheaper elsewhere they will beat it. The pearls are of the highest quality and each piece is individually made so it is unique with the utmost attention paid to every detail.
     I received the product less than a week after providing the color of necklace I preferred:
Mine was the 7-8mm Lilac Princess Necklace with 14karat gold filled clasp from the The Bua Bay Collection.
It came via USPS in a brown packing envelope(kind of surprising with the item being jewelry) delivered by my post man. The box was wrapped in bubble wrap and the outer box is a nice simple gold deco box and on the inside of the box is the actual box that is black and flips up to reveal the necklace. I felt it was professionally wrapped for a jewelry company. It has a nice little draw string bag attached to inside.
All the pearls were strung and attached to the gold filled clasp, the clasp was the hardest thing for me to figure out(sorry I'm not used to pearls), it is called a fish clasp and unless you know the pinch, pull and twist method you will find it a headache:)  I felt the pearls were very shiny and smooth, the color was very pretty and true to the chosen..all pearls seemed to be the same or nearly size(none looked off to my eye). The necklace was a lot easier to work with than I expected a delicate piece of jewelry to be. It was approximate 50 pearls with an AA+ rating.
Yes after much researching I figured out the clasp and was able to put it on and I felt like a princess ready for a party. The necklace was so light weight and dressy but simple and would sure make a great piece to show off for the holidays. 
I did have an issue with the first necklace that was sent it was totally able to be fixed without any problems. The customer service was extremely helpful and easy to work with. The relay of messages was very quick and response time timely, this is definitely something you want with jewelry. I did review their reviews on the site and they have some amazing customers who could not be happier with their piece just as I was. The My Pacific Pearls strives for customer happiness and provides "you" the consumer with the quality you are looking for at a reasonable price. So if YOU are in the market for that nice piece of jewelry for that Christmas Party or even NEW YEARS date look no further than My Pacific Pearls.
What will I get with my order?
· You Buy a Deal. We Gift a Meal.· Fast, FREE Shipping within the US and Canada
· Certificate of Authenticity and Valuation
· Premium Black Leatherette Jewelry Box
· Luxurious Satin or Velour Storage Pouch
· Pearl Care Instructions
· Lifetime VIP Discount Card

**I received this product for review purposes, the receipt of product does not promise a good review. All opinions stated are my own and I feel the product is portrayed as stated. I receive no affiliations with company nor am I paid for this review**

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