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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

**Divorce...Does the state really matter?** #sponsored post

     Research shows divorce rates are often higher in the Southern states but location is just the tip of the iceburg. The Southern states have an instance for a higher rate of divorce because of conservatism. Experts believe the reason for higher divorce rates is due to getting married to young, insecure employment and the need to co-habitation among families.
     We all know getting married takes some maturity and if it is done before the person is secure with themselves how can they open up to another and be willing to give what is needed for a healthy relationship. Often times those who marry before the age of 20 have not had that ability to grow and mature to apply themselves into a healthy lifestyle.
     Employment is very important to any relationship, nothing can test a family than have to struggle to keep the family together. If you bring in a child or have children in the home, yes, the divorce rate may be lower because you as a couple have come to the realization that you need to do for the family.
     Cohabiting is tough on a family structure as there are too many people with a vested interest in your relationship, we all know our issues should be ours not for others ears. I found a very good read that gives you ideas on all the ups and downs of the relationship. The Ring Makes All The Difference is an eye opening book that gives you so much incite from an outsiders perspective.
     I came from a divorced home of which my parents divorced within a couple years of my birth. I did not live in the "Bible Belt" I lived in Illinois. Growing up I didn't know anyone besides me that had divorced parents and that was what I knew. My mom and I lived in a trailer and my father lived across town. Custody became something very easy , I stayed with my mom and she did not have to allow him to see me, and child support was minimal if any. We struggled with money as I was little and my mom worked 2 full time jobs to keep us afloat on her income since his was not coming in. My parents hated each other and it was a bitter family because it all came down to me.
      As I turned into adulthood I realized how hard the divorce had been on me as I had many relations but was not eager to marry so I didn't end up like my family. I am a married mother of 4 kids and my kids are the glue I am not going to say this marriage thing is easy because even at 41 I think maybe this was not the right time. Have "I" contemplated "divorce"...yeah.. I push on daily hoping it will survive, not so much for me but for the kids. If I was to divorce I don't know if there would be a second or third time, only time will tell.
**this is a sponsored post and all opinions are my own**

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