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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

**Pink Powder Parlor**Review

Pink Powder Parlor - Memphis, TN

      Ok so as long as i have been writing I have written many reviews, many giveaways and tons of other posts but to the blogging world I am not a make-up guru but instead an undecided Stay at Home MOM who enjoys her family but does not get the time to pamper herself. I do often wish I had the make-up expertise that some have and other times am glad I don't, though it would be nice to hit my closet and find just a never ending amount of make-up BUT not in my home:)

I happened to fall on Pink Powder Parlor on accident but after looking it over I'm in LOVE with anything they sell.  Yep, you guessed it PINK!! Everything is a blend of pinks to some extent (per the company) persistence with your favorite color can't make it right for you if it doesn't match your skin tones. So for the mom in me I chose something simple that would not be too dramatic and I was the good blogger and gave them an idea of my skin tone and let them surprise me. I figure if I tell them I am a red head(more blond highlights), light skin and normal(not oily not dry) and they would have an idea what they were working to. They carefully select quality pink shades only and offer a variety of NaModa cosmetics.
I received the Lip Shine with brush applicator 
It had an very nice pink color not too dark nor light the bottle was easy to handle and had a twist off cap. The product was well packaged and leak proof.
(Sorry had a bit of trouble getting a true picture of the brush) the brush was ample in size compared to product. The product was thick to the sense it stuck well to the brush and didn't drip because of the style brush it smoothed well onto lips and could be used as thicker or thinner depending on your mood.
     I have to say The Pink Powder Parlor did an amazing job of choosing a shade to match my tone. The gloss is easily spread due to the width of the brush. The color is lightly colored in pink and softly scented(I'm going to say like a vanilla almost) the shine is crazy shiny for a lip gloss. After application I did not notice any drying of the product as it remained as moist as first applied. I did apply a couple times but only cause I felt I needed a refresher.
I have to say this is a super easy company to order from, the quality and selection is phenomenal especially if you are into the Pinks:) Make sure you stop over and give them a quick browse I bet you will find something pretty!!
**I received a product for review purposes and my opinions are my own** Disclosure is attached to my blog.

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