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Monday, September 30, 2013

**PetSmart and a Spooktacular Celebration** #sponsored

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     PetSmart has teamed up with some great companies this year to partake in a Halloween Celebration for your pets. We all have dressed up over the years and what is more fun than shopping for the little 4 legged a costume as well just think of the possibilities. I know in my home I have 5 cats and 2 dogs, I am not going to say that they don't take off and hide when they see ME coming at them with a piece of clothing, but I am going to say they can't hide all day.
     Now we have all heard of Martha Stewart but this year she has created a line of products that have been a real hit in the PetSmart stores(I know I was surprised to see her name on costumes for pets instead of homewares). I saw the line in my neighborhood PetSmart and they are totally cute if I just had a few more animals to dress:)
     That is not the only one, we also found Sesame Street and the wide array of characters to spruce up your pooch or cat, if you are like me. What could be cuter than a ElmoKitty!! We will just say my animals have a stash of clothes for the holidays(I'm glad they don't outgrow them) and I love to snap that picture.
     Well this year I had the awesome opportunity to work with the PetSmart name and dress my puppies and kitty in a new wardrobe, yep no hand me downs this year. My dogs are good sports and since I got to pick what I felt would work for them I stayed with a theme..ooh yeah Marvel super hero pets.
      I found the cutest SuperMan and the adorable Batman and was so happy when the box came because that meant it was time for the fashion show. I have a chi weenie about 7-8 lbs I picked her the small Superman it fit perfect and had enough moving space she was not snug or stiff when trying to move her arms. The colors were bright and bold, the costume was well stitched and was very reminiscent of the Superman costume, just smaller.
 The BatMan I got for my other long haired dach and guessing she would fit in a small(NOPE)
 she is about 12-13 lbs who knows maybe more, all I can say was on to the next participant the "cat". Cats are funny to try and dress it is almost like it takes away there ability to walk forward when putting on an outfit, one of mine walks backwards until the clothing comes off. We chose our white cat
 for the BatMan and it fits her perfect, the outfit is a simple pull over head stick arms through, the material is plenty stretchy and the outfit is adorable on our now BatCat.

 Specials are Spooky as well this month:

PetSmart® Costume Party

Party with us in all stores Saturday, Oct. 19 from 9-11am. First 50 pets dressed in costume receive a FREE bag of goodies, bring your camera to snap your pet’s photo!

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  1. Love the costumes and the cute pets! I need some for my two pups!

  2. I used to dress my dogs in my grandpa's old undershirts and may baby bonnets. Since they had grown up with me the dogs were used to just about anything and all they needed was a camera and they were ready to pose in any outfit. Although the superman suits on the dachshund is really cute and much better looking than old undershirts!

  3. Oh my goodness, those are so cute! I think my cats would smother me in my sleep, if I started dressing them up though, hahah.

  4. These are are sooo adorable. -snuggles your dogs-

  5. What fun stuff for Halloween. We don't celebrate it in our parts of the world, but I can see the enjoyment of everyone for the season.

  6. I wish I had a pet but I do not , how cute little outfits

  7. These costumes are great. I want to make sure and go and get one for my girlfriends dog before they are sold out.

  8. Bwahaha! Love the Bat Cat! My cats would probably shred me to pieces for trying this with them, but try I will - it's only one day and it's the least they can do for me after all I do for them! haha!

  9. I love the costumes and your pets are amazing. Good thing they don't outgrow these cute little wardrobe! I hope to get a pet dog too, I want my children to experience the joys of having a pet just like your beautiful daughter in the photo.

  10. Love this! I'm a dog lover and looking forward to dressing up my two little pups for Halloween and the holidays :)

  11. Oh my gosh, these are the cutest pups and costumes ever! I will have to get my little Beasley a new costume!

  12. Im not gonna lie, this is pretty friggen adorable :-) If only I had a puppy to dress up