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Monday, September 2, 2013

**LEGO KidsFest in San Jose** Today!!!! Friday August 30th PART 1 (Travels & Hotel)**


Well to start off the trip required packing for a family of 5 and if you are like me that means the packing started yesterday. My anxiety for travel means I constantly second guess my ability to pack for a trip which means i'm obsessively checking and rechecking myself. I start by packing J's clothes, then snacks, then E's clothes, then meds, my clothes, then hygiene products , T's clothes and any other packing I can think of. I line everything up, double check pants,shirts, socks, undies...(CHECK)..snacks make sure enough of a variety for everyone's liking including drinks and water. Then comes loading up the truck, stroller takes up the most room so it goes first(yep I said stroller-double stroller), then the obsessive kicks in again as I am putting in the truck I go over in my head one last time everything I just packed. Snacks go into the easy to reach area just behind the middle row and ice chest has its own space. Can I just say travel for me is such a time consuming time.
     So our trip starts at 8:15 am, everyone in truck ,everything packed in truck ,energy conservation kicks in all outlets unplugged. I am one of those people who unplug everything unneeded and what isn't unplugged is on a power strip to conserve electricity. But, even the power strips are unplugged while no one is home ritualistically I have to recheck before we leave.
     We arrive at our hotel at 11:30 pretty decent place, pool outside our window, room clean- non smoking, coffee pot :))(of course extra coffee requested), TV with cable for the kids at
  The Best Western San Benito
Nice peaceful Hotel on the freeway easy on/off nice pool and continental breakfast:)

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