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Monday, September 16, 2013

**Just Think Toys**Review**Christmas IDEA!! ©

Educational, fun, empowering building blocks for the bath
                                             If you're kids are anything like mine they enjoy the water whether it be in the pool or in a bath tub my kids are happy. They have toys ,boats and cups anything to play with while enjoying the leisurely bath.
                                             The Just Think Toys company hit the nail on the head by coming out with float-able, foam pieces that stick to the wall as well as to themselves. The variety is wide and can find a nice set for almost any child for a boy or girl it doesn't really matter the pieces are so cool. 
                                             This review came in perfect as, mentioned before, my kids LOVE the water and love a good bubble bath with toys. I received the box and with 2 little ones looking over my shoulder to see what we got, they both exclaimed at the same time "ME FIRST". Well we went by whose set was on top or the first one pulled out and BINGO it was baby "T". 
                                              Baby "T"'s was the Floating Castle 20piece it contained 21 pieces or different shapes with images and dragons inset on pink foam blocks in a zippered bag with mesh holes in the bottom(for storage). The pieces were perfect for three year old hands, the foam was thick and non of the pieces sank in the water. Non sinking pieces are a plus because its more fun to see your pieces than to not know where they are when building. The pieces work as described when wet especially with bubbles the pieces stick together as well on most wall surfaces. Yep we tried it out and dip it in bubbles they stick to the wall, mind you they don't last for long in the given spot as the bubbles start to pop. The Castle comes with a platform to also build inside the water and once again the bubbles create the sticking together.Recommended age is 3-99 because of the character pieces. They are made from bacteria and mildew resistant EVA and contain no PVC or Phthalates.
                                             Mr "E" received the Big Blocks Waterfall Set 15 pieces his was equally as fun in the water as his did contain a more foam shape cut out with holes and notches that was more age appropriate for him. His latched to the wall and he could create a waterfall affect when tilting the right way and the little ball would fall. This is also recommended for ages 3-99 as it contains the small foam ball.
They both sell for around $20 per set and can be purchased online they only ship within the US. 
**I received this product to review with my kids, my opinion is just that and others may differ. I am not being compensated for the sales and am providing my review as payment**

  • BathBlocks promote open-ended creative play
  • BathBlocks enable children to build waterfalls, floating towns, towers , tunnels and more in the bath.
  • BathBlocks encourage exploration, reward discovery, and empower children.
  • BathBlocks have received Oppenheim Gold Awards.

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    1. I like the Coast Guard Set the best.

    2. I like the castle set. My niece would love it!!!

    3. I would love the 21 pc Ball Run in Reusable Storage Bag

    4. Either the 20 piece coast guard set..or the floating cooking set :)

    5. I would want to the 20 Piece Floating Castle Set. Sounds like the most fun to play with in the tub.

    6. I want the floating castle 20 piece set

    7. i like the ball run the best thanks crystal allen