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Sunday, September 29, 2013

**Blue Apron**Day1 Box and Shrimp Spaghettini**

Blue Apron
     Blue Apron,Fresh ingredients delivered weekly to your home, recipes included, for as low as $9.99 per person. All the taste and convenience shipped in a box to your home, all items fresh and prepacked, perfect for those who are unsure what could make a great meal. Carefully packed in a refrigerated box and can be delivered according to your schedule to almost anywhere in the US(see map for details)

    I received a box complimentary from Blue Apron to review in my home which contained beef, chicken and a fish. Each meat had a recipe along with fresh vegetables, spices and herbs all of which are premium and added cooking sauces not to forget the condiments to make the perfect 2 person meal(that I myself could not have done with so much ease). Each meal should take about 35 minutes to complete and the preportioned reduces waste.

this is just a portion of what the box contained, each menu is different which means each calls for different ingredients.
     My first recipe was a Shrimp Spaghettini and let me tell you how easy it was to reach into my refrigerator and grab all ingredients needed without having to go to the store for that one missed item.
I have never been Betty Crocker so looking for something such as a scallion was like searching for gold as I had heard of but NEVER touched one. The recipe cards are step by step and are very visual so you know what you are looking for to cut, chop or mince.
everything requires cutting or chopping, mincing or dicing.

make sure you have olive oil(not included in box) this is shrimp and minced garlic after the shrimp pinked lightly salted, added sweet pepper and scallions while noodles cooking to al denta on another burner.
 the shrimp mixture you add chili flakes to give it some heat and a 1/2 cup chicken stock(included) and recommend simmer a touch before adding the noodles
add the noodles, turn off heat, mix well and give time to sit and marinate all the flavors. Doesn't that look good!! The shrimp was definitely plentiful for a 2 person serving and the pasta was also very full. This is the time you would mix in 1/2 of the mint leaves(if used) and mix so that they soak up some of the stock(otherwise they are chewy).
This is the finished dish topped with mint leaves and served with a 1/2 lemon I squeezed my lemon over the pasta before eating. The dish was definitely filling as a main course, was not heavy with sauce but perfectly seasoned.
This was a great meal, perfect for 2 people(maybe3 :)) 

**Disclosure..I was provided the box in exchange for a review, receipt of product does not guarantee a positive review, all opinions are my own**


  1. wow!! That looks AMAZING!! Going to your house for dinner! I love how they do all the prep work! So going to check this out!!

  2. this looks like a really great meal i gotta try this system

  3. Looks like an awesome meal! I love that it is all ready to cook!

  4. Ohhh! I would love to try this. I've never heard of Blue Apron! FUN!