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Sunday, September 8, 2013

**Bare Fruit Cinnamon Apple Chips** Review& Giveaway LIVE!!!!**

           The nice people at Bare Fruit Snacks offered me a bag of their Cinnamon Apple Chips to review on my blog:)

               These are an excellent take on the go snack whether it be in the single serve size or the large 14 oz size(resealable packaging). These are not only nutritious but healthy with the customer in mind. They are 100% organic, baked and dried and made from some of the finest Washington apples. These are one of the crispiest, crunchiest apple snack i have tried with my family. They are low in fat and cholesterol(0%) low in sodium(1%) and good in dietary fiber(2%). They are held to the Certified Organic and adhere to the strict USDA guidelines. They are manufactured in a nut-free facility.
                My family enjoyed the dried apples, they were crispy and naturally sweetened with a hint of organic cinnamon. I did not notice any real good size apple pieces they were well bite size and easy to chew. The bag states an occasional seed or stem, but I did not note any as my family devoured the whole bag:) These are perfect to add as a snack or if you are like me I pack a bag for on the go times with the kids. 

**I received this product to review with my family. All info stated is as company stated and the opinions are my own and my families.**
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