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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

**The Baconery**CHRISTMAS IDEA#1 !!

Baconery Store
     Well let me start off by saying.. I live in California and this store has option of online or walk in orders, so for me it would be me promoting the idea of online orders :) I wish I could have stopped to shop in person I can imagine how mouthwatering the store must be.**BACON**ery.
      Wesley Klein is, one of many brains behind the awesome idea of mixing Americas loved bakery and desserts with the other favorite....BACON. I have to admit that is what definitely peaked my interest.
     The Baconery has a very well thought out menu and has many options available whether you are into candy, chocolates or that one of a kind Baconery gift.
     I had the opportunity to sample the Baconery Sample Pack
Baconery Sampler Pack (One of Each Cookie, One Brownie, One Blondie, and 2 Bacon Macaroons)

Baconery Sampler Pack (One of Each Cookie, One Brownie, One Blondie, and 2 Bacon Macaroons)

It was an amazing variety with an array of delectable tempting flavors, each very unique. It arrived in a sealed package to preserve freshness.
..the cranberry was my favorite for cookie ok and a close tie was the kids loved the dark chocolate as well as the brownie. Dont get me wrong they were all outstanding just my personal favs!!

 I as well was able to sample some Bacon Salt:
Bacon SaltThis is an awesome additive for any recipe asking for salt, slip a little bit in and you got the goodness of bacon in any bakery recipe.

The last thing I received was the Bacon Soap:
Bacon Soap My thoughts exactly :) Bacon Soap, dont get me wrong I LOVE Bacon my opinion this is a definite manly scent, no way could I pull it off!! Totally unique product would never have thought bacon+soap but HEY it works!!
So if you are in New York stop on by...If you are not visit them right >HERE< with Christmas just around the corner we all have those hard to buy people presents :) Why not give them the gift of BACONery !!!
**Disclaimer..I received this product in exchange for a posted review. I felt the company was well organized and the products were exceptional. My opinion is just that, all statements provided were my opinion and others opinion may differ. No other compensation is being offered, no affiliate links are attached**


  1. Holy BACON!! Whoa!! I must try this!! Those bacon brownies sound tasty too!! THX for to visit their site!!

  2. oh wow my hubby will love this baconery yummy smell lol.

  3. I dont eat meat by my 13 year old son loves bacon.

  4. I love bacon! I wouldn't mind trying these. And the bacon soap...I know someone who would LOVE that!!

  5. This would be heaven for all the bacon fans!

  6. I am not a real bacon fan myself, but my Husband would be in Heaven!

  7. Hubby would be in heaven!!! I need to add this to his Christmas present lesson.

  8. This sounds really interesting I wish that I was close enough to visit!

  9. BACON!! Who doesn't love bacon! Thanks for the awesome gift ideas!

  10. my kids would love this,but I am not a bacon eater