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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


In 1995 Greg O'Sullivan created Kidswitch. Kidswitch allows toddlers to operate light switches that are out of reach but not out of their realm of ability. By allowing toddlers to reach their light switches it provides valuable independence for both the toddler and for the parents who have to perform this repetitive task. By allowing a toddler to operate a switch, they can thereby be taught to turn a light off, which leads them down a path of living with "green" energy saving habits, instilled and engraved early on.
KidSwitch is the Glow-in-the-Dark Light Switch Extender for Kids!

KidSwitch Features & Benefits

    • Helps Toddlers SAFELY reach and operate lights!

    • Teaches ENERGY SAVING Habits at an early age!

    • SAVES MONEY! Stop leaving the lights ON all day!

    • Aids in POTTY TRAINING! No more scary trips to a dark bathroom!

     I received one of these handy little KidSwitch to review in my home and who better to use it for but my daughter. She loves to play in her room but routinely leaves the light on because its too much effort to reach that light switch and i have put a stop to hauling the chairs down the hall to reach things. 
     This is super easy to install with the directions on the back of package but just looking at it just makes sense. We installed hers over the top of her Tinkerbell switchplate(because it goes with her theme) I would recommend using a plate a tad more flush as it took some extra TLC to get it attached with all the raises and grooves. 
top and bottom openings are for the screws middle is for switch.
had to use a little bit longer screws for the attachment as my plate was a little too thick.
has a convenient, easy to grip handle that glows in the dark that looks like a moon. The handle is fitted for little hands and made of a strong plastic.
My princess modeling the ease of the KidSwitch she liked that it was easy to hold and glows in the dark.
This product can be found at many online retailers including  KidSwitch website. If interested use coupon code kidswitch10 for 10% off your order.
**I received the product for review and my opinion of the products I feature are my own. I was not compensated outside of the product.**

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