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Friday, August 16, 2013

**Costume Discounters**Batman Costume Brave and Bold Deluxe**

     So as many of you know the favorite holiday among kids is coming up and its not a "holiday" per say but to most kids anytime you receive tons of candy its a special occasion. Its never to early to start going through the closets, donating the old costumes(so many can use what we donate) and doing what a lot of us do best: looking for a deal &online shopping. I know I am terribly guilty of both!! So why sit there? You know you want to see the hottest costumes at the best I right?**Read ON** :)
Costume Discounters
     I have young kids and I have older kids, and yes they ALL still dress for Halloween. Every year its the same old thing, my youngest two get new costumes because as Halloween passes the costumes get used on multiple occasions(dress up or just for fun)and so  every year I am in the market for their costumes.
     I often start by looking at the Party Stores, Superstores and Club stores and always come up with the same thing...everyone is going to be wearing the same style costumes. So many stores, variety is varied, prices are outrageous and just nothing different from one store to the next.
     I decided to google "costumes" and came upon this wonderful site called Costume Discounters and just could not help myself when it came to browsing the selection of costumes from young to old. The costumes are unique and varied, the sizes are available and in stock and the prices are so much lower than most retail stores. The selection is kind of overwhelming but when you realize you can dress all your kids and yourself for a decent budget it is so worth the time and effort of looking over the site.
    You got a Halloween party and want to dress as the Addams Family?? They got it!!
    Got a child like mine who wants to be a Super Hero(and save the world with a cape)?? They got them!
    The wonderful people at Costume Discounters provided my son with his costume for Halloween this year, yes he got to choose with no ones input..he wanted to be a "Bat".
     So we looked up Batman Costumes, you have padded and not padded, boys and girls, children and adults like I said... so many choices. I placed my order and within 10 days of ordering it was in my mailbox. The package came USPS in a mailing envelope, the costume was packaged as if I bought it from the store with a hook attached to hang up. It was sealed and snapped and the costume was in excellent untouched condition.

    We took everything out of the packaging and laid it out for us to assemble and prepare for the infamous "try out."
Batman Costume body suit with belt..suit is padded(not so much padded as it is formed) and the feet have shoe covers and elastic straps to hold in place. The body suit is all one piece from hands to feet nothing flapping or not quality made. The yellow item is the belt, its a heavier plastic with a soft material to tie in the back.
This is the cape, so cute I was impressed seeing it to be an attached piece itself. It is the cape and bat ears with mask all in one, so right in my house as my kids would be taking off the mask if it were not attached. The cape has a small piece of velcro to attach around the neck to give it a more cape like feel. Very light weight and the mask, being attached, is made of the same basic cape material and it super stretchy. Now for the fashion show:)
yep its a keeper!!
**Disclosure.. Thank you to the Costume Discounter and distributor for providing my son with this costume. All opinions in my post are my opinion and my opinion is based on the quality and company experience as a consumer. My opinion may differ from others..The company is efficient and product was as expected my review is not swayed by the fact I received the product for payment of my post.**
If interested in other costume styles be sure to check us out.


  1. love the abs =) I'll have to take a look. Maybe they will have She Ra.

  2. That is the best Batman costume I have seen! I am going to look into getting it for my stepson! He'll love it!!

  3. Just in time for Halloween! This is a great outfit!