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Thursday, August 8, 2013

**Brew Over Ice Review and Giveaway** #LoveBrewOverIce

KeurigBrew Over Ice

      If you are anything like me..You can't live without your morning cup of coffee or tea. I use to rely on my everyday coffee maker that would brew up 12 cups and I would just reheat it as the day went on when I needed a little coffee pick me up. If I wanted tea I'd have to brew the water in the coffee pot(where it would have that stale coffee taste) or on the stove.   
But my how technology has evolved over the years, my normal coffee pot has been replaced by a single serve, make as I must, all in one Keurig coffee/tea/cocoa/iced coffee/iced tea/ lemonade machine. Yep you read it right that good ole Keurig machine now has these cups specific for Brew over Ice products to make your favorite chilled drinks.
Brew Over Ice
*****I received a nice *Review* opportunity from the great people involved with Keurig and brew Over Ice products for *FREE* for my honest opinion of the product that they offered me.*****
I was provided with:
The Brew Over Ice samples
Before I could snap a pic my son had already inhaled the Snapple not realizing I needed to review it:) His opinion was "I like it at an 8 as the 6 tastes strong and it tastes so much better than a bottled snapple tea."
I had to try the Sweet and Creamy 1st as it sounded like a coffeehouse drink(and i had not tried it yet)
The cool thing about the Brew over ice is its best with a full cup of ice and you set the machine at 
6 or8(I used a 6) , note the pic above is a glass(not recommended) but I couldnt find anything you could see through for a picture. It melts the ice down perfect and the drink tastes like a super expensive coffee house drink already sweetened. 
Brew Over Ice
The only one left to try is for another day the Vitamin Burs
It naturally sweetened and best brewed at an 8 setting.
My review also included a nifty little Light up Ice bucket with tongs to keep my cold drinks chilled:
4 brew over ice coasters(not pictured) and a tumbler...I just LOVE tumblers!!!
Now for the fun part!! 
Have you entered" The Brew Over Ice Sweepstakes" if not enter >HERE<
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Do YOU want to win a Brew Over Ice box LIKE MINE??? I know you DO!!

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  1. For me, I love my keurig and have been wanting to try these brew over ice selections

  2. I entered for myself, of course!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  3. Of course I'd love to win this for myself! I'm a SAHM and my Keurig is my special daily treat machine!