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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

**Purex 31 Days of Fun**#sponsored post

**Purex is offering an amazing opportunity to its friends and followers!! During the month of August Purex will be offering a mini sweepstakes with the most helpful and useful products, everyday to a lucky winner. Are you a fan of the Facebook page?? NOOO?? Well HURRY <click here and you can be, if you are not a fan you can't win a prize.
     I know as a mom that Back to School Shopping Spree would help my kids out tremendously!! And notice it will be up for grabs a couple days during the month.
     Are you expecting a NEW bundle of JOY?? Look at the Baby Necessities $250, that would help get that shopping going!!
     Are you a weekend movie Buff..there is a package for that, I know my kids would enjoy that.
     A Grocery Giveaway..I know my family could surely eat for a couple weeks on that and imagine all that i could do with my extra money.

     So if you have not noticed there is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Giveaway going on with Purex for 31 days!! Hurry head over and get ready for tomorrow. Starts August 1st with a back to School Shopping Spree.
**This is a sponsored post in accordance with Purex and the 31 days of fun, all prizes will be provided by participating sponsors**

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