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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Moms Meet and O Organics Salad bowls

     These super HOT summer months its always nice to treat yourself to a little salad excitement to top those boring old salads. We all want to look good for bikini season (some more than others) and what better way than to watch your waist while giving the salad some character.

     I really enjoy a good salad but it gets so boring eating the same thing even if your are changing up the dressings. So when MomsMeet teamed up with O Organic salad bowls I knew i was in for a treat. Don't get me wrong, YES, I had tried many of the O Organics product sold at my area Vons(Safeway) but the salad was one that I had not tried but was excited to do so.
     I have to say the variety is amazing, whether you like a salad mix or baby spinach they have you covered. Was a great selection and the choice of meat was good I like chicken so I was happy. If you aren't a "chicken" person it severely limits your choice :/.
    These great salads are organic, contain no pesticides and nothing artificial. The varieties are Southwestern, Cesaer, Cranberry Walnut and Baby spinach.
I chose to use my MomsMeet as a 4th of July/Birthday Party get together.  I had approximately 30 attendees and my moms pack covered it pretty well. We chose a BBQ for the kids with a bounce house for entertainment. It was a moms&dads group and I felt it went very well. I provided salads enough for everyone to sample by breaking them up into 1/3 of the salads
 I decked each one out and left the dressing on the side.Each salad was covered so no one knew what they were getting and i had them blindly pick a salad.  Dressing was optional and extra was provided. After it was sampled I handed out a printed copy of the salad flavors and let everyone take it home so the next time they were shopping they knew what they tried in case it was of interest to them again. 
        I have to admit I liked the idea of cranberry walnut, some liked the dressing but most did not I was not a fan of the particular dressing.  The baby spinach was my top winner(loved the cranberry and almond slices, dressing ok) with most saying they liked the spinach
 for a change over lettuce. The Cesaer(dressing was very good) and Southwestern(loved the corn and chips) both Id say placed 2nd with most enjoying them equally.
And one lucky winner got her very own salad via a Door Prize drawing:) Congrats!!
**Thank you to MomsMeet and O Organic for allowing me to sample these salads with my mom and dads group. The salads were provided for the most part with a GC provided for me, all opinions were provided by my group, receiving the product for free did not sway my opinion  for the products.**

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