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Saturday, July 27, 2013

**Liquid Chalkers**GIVEAWAY!!**

**I received this product for review with my family..My opinion is my own and I feel the product does as stated. I did not receive any other compensation from the product nor will I for this review**


          These are super cool liquid chalk great for kids of many ages but really have to be supervised with the use of the Liquid Chalkers. Because these are liquid style chalk you do not have the dust, or smearing affect. Unlike with regular chalk that washes out of anything you can use your imagination for such as concrete and clothes the liquid chalk doesn't have the same ability to completely wash out of everything your child could use it on. You must test a small portion of the surface as the Liquid Chalkers don't wash out of porous surfaces too well, in other words you are looking for surfaces that don't absorb because of holes or indentations.

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        If you have a  chalkboard which you want to use this on, you need to absolutely test it on a small area first. Some chalkboards are made by the manufacturer putting chalkboard paint over quite porous wood. Other chalkboards are made by them putting the chalkboard paint on non-porous surfaces such as plastic, ceramic, glass or metal.
      They come in 8 very bright bold colors!!
Trinity and jordan painting bathroom mirror
 Some great ideas for these nifty Liquid Chalkers is a little "thinking of you" message on a mirror or window.
Can be used on glass tables to add a little creativity to the glass and give it a touch of a child friendly home.
     My kids had a blast using them on all the mirrors in the house. They were so easy to use, so bright and bold and the tip could either be thick or thin writing. These were easy to hold for smaller fingers. These would be perfect for car windows for the next little announcement and they draw like a marker. I have to admit these were very fun to use. They would be perfect for anything that requires a bright bold marker

Well do these interest you?? You can get your own set  > here<

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  1. How fun, I've never heard of them but I can just imagine the kids having a great time using them!

  2. Oh my gosh how fun! I would love to have a set of these to write messages on the mirror. I am looking forward to the giveaway!

    1. this will be LIVE in 1 hour for giveaway!!

  3. These look like fun. I am sure my kids would love them! I am not sure I am keen on them using them lol

  4. The boys would really like these!

  5. How fun! I have never heard of these, but I love them! Especially since they are so easy to wash out (except for porous surfaces-thanks for the honesty!)!

  6. These are cut and what a fun idea. Thank you for sharing such a great review.

  7. This is a super awesome idea! I hope I win! :) My 6 and 4 years lids will love to play and learn to the same time!

  8. My boys would LOVE this product!! I would love it as well, bc it would keep my wild boys busy! lol Also, I think this is a wonderful idea for local businesses to put specials on their windows!

  9. These are so way cool! My kids would love them!!

  10. I think my son would love this! Thanks!