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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mortimus Walker and the Secret of the White City**BOOK TOUR**

Mortimus Walker and the secret of The White City
About the author Zach Turner:
Zach TurnerMortimus Walker and the secret of the white city


Zach Turner is a world traveler. For the last seven years, he hasn't spent more than a month in the same city. Such travels have allowed him to interact and understand completely different cultures, see amazing man made and natural wonders, be apart of histories like that of the Arab Spring, and be inspired by the power of the human mind. These experiences give him the palette to paint amazing stories in his new book, Visions, published in 2011. You can learn more about Visions and the ever growing universe

**Morty is a One. He's been laboring his entire life, but finally it's his sixtieth birthday. Time for him to retire his old body and travel up through the clouds to the White City where he'll begin his new life as a One-Two. He'll be given a new body and anything he wants as reward for his service. But once Processing begins, things don't go exactly as planned. Can Morty figure out the secret before he is lost in the System all over again?**

**ones and twos system of productivity... Morty was a one and considered a two, too spoiled to be with for too long**
      When I first started reading the book I wasn't sure it was my style, I was a little confused on the one, two and two-one issue but it became very easy to understand. It is an enjoyable book, science fiction but at the beginning besides the numbers being used to describe a person rather than saying blue collar or white collar.
      Morty longs to move up to being a two-one and he cant do that till he retires from his one position and his brain is transplanted into a "husk". In the one body his living arrangements seemed to really resemble a prison or self contained unit w no ammenities and in his graduated body his life seemed to evolve into what we know as "life" to us..our own living quarters.
     As I continued to read the story seemed as if the lives were scheduled, they did as told and followed an agenda then poof all changed at the White city. This was a great short read and the characters were easy to follow along with.. I would really enjoy reading up on what happen to the romance of Patty and Morty..MORE MORE!!

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