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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Charmin # CharminMamaOso

About Charmin Basic:

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Monday, May 13, 2013

**Josephs Lite Products**Sugar Free, Diabetic**

     The Joseph's Lite Cookie company was founded in November 1986 by Joseph Semprevivo who is a diabetic himself and was on a mission to create a good tasting , sugar free product to the consumers. He created an arsenal of products and has become very established at some of our grocery stores. Some of his items include(but are not limited to):

  • Sugar-Free Cookies (13 flavors)

  • Sugar-Free Peanut Butter

  • Sugar-Free Maple Syrup

  • Sugar-Free Sweetener

  • Sugar-Free Dessert Flavored Coffee (6 flavors)

  • Sugar-Free Cookie Puffs (3 flavors)

  • Fat Free Cookies (3 flavors)

     My kids had never tried these cookies though we had seen them advertised in stores(as well as on QVC), and when I came upon the company who better to ask about their products then themselves?? I received a variety of products to review and was fortunate enough to have kids that enjoy trying items that are new to them:)
this is a sampling of the variety of cookies they offer. Each  and every one has a distinct, unique flavor. They are bite sized, perfect for little hands, very soft texture(not grainy, or dusty). The product comes in a sealed pouch container and they are just as fresh when you open them as they are meant to be. There is no lingering aftertaste, the flavors taste just like the real thing. The only problem is the packaging allows for the product to become jostled around enough that it was hard to find a full cookie look a like.
The product is Kid Kritics approved and my kids were very impressed.
     The next product I received was the
For my kids this was a little concerning to be using, if one didn't like it none would eat it :/ So crossing my fingers it was used on a weekend breakfast and I quickly put the syrup back in fridge after serving kids.. The verdict was........They didn't notice a thing. So I tried it and was very impressed it tasted very comparable to other quality products. The flavor was just as sweet, no sweeter than others, easy to pour(not thick, or thin) and I felt like this was a big plus for my kids.
The last item i tried was the
The peanut butter is made with a Valencia Peanut and is low carb, low calorie, salt-free, Kosher, Pareve, and best of all, great tasting. No Sugar Added! Im going to be honest, we are not a huge PB fan house and I found the PB to have a genuine rich peanut butter taste. Not sweet nor salty just tasted very peanuty. I thought it was good

**The review was completed with the products listed sent to me by the company, I was not compensated for my opinions outside the receipt of product. The links contained are not affiliate links, just backdoors to the mentioned products. All opinions are mine and may differ from others**