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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Parnevu Hair Products

Parnevu T-Tree product line

      I had the chance to try a great line of products from Parnevu that contains T-Tree Oil. Tea tree nourishes the hair and scalp, prevents breakage,strengthens and stimulates growth,stops itching, flaking and removes unwanted buildup.
     When I first received I was kind of concerned as to if the product would benefit my hair because "I" myself have not tried a Tea Tree product in my hair. I have naturally curly, uncolored strawberry blond hair, my hair is long past my back it is fairly thin and my main concern is flyaways and breakage. The company did give me the chance to review the products and what I chose was not exactly what I received but Im easy going and I was up for anything :)
     The first product I tried was the Tea Tree Shampoo
PARNEVU T-Tree ShampooI thought this to be fantastic for shampoo the portion to use is very small because it does have a great lather and it does really create a very soft yet squeaky clean feel for your hair. It has a very unique scent kind of like a menthol minty smell(I wasn't too keen on the smell but it didn't affect my use).It feels very light and clean and with conditioner use it does control fly-aways very well. I had never thought of using T-Tree in my hair only on my skin bt I think its great.
   The next item I tried was Tea Tree Conditioner(Leave In) :
PARNEVU T-Tree Leave-In ConditionerLet me tell you this is my favorite thing in the whole world that I tried. I do not blow dry my hair I let my hair air dry and by morning Im a disaster I look like a whirlwind attacked me. So my first time using the leave in I wore a shower cap to bed(yep you read it) I wasn't sure if it would stain my pillow or leave a greasy look BUT I learned better. The shower cap removed I brushed out it looked amazing and healthy. I normally have to really tame down the locks but it was considerably easier to get my comb thru and when it came to straightening it was a god send!!! No flyaways all day!!! I give it an A+++
The last product I received was Extra Dry Hair Mayonnaise:
PARNEVU Hair MayonnaiseOkay now this was the only product that brought out my sensory issue the term "Mayonnaise" brought out the whole idea of eating a sandwich topped with a thick white substance...but still with that being said I couldn't make me the one to try it(sorry). I thought my perfect guinea pig to be my daughter :) She has some of the worst hair to brush out I refer to it as a tumble weed. I wash her hair, condition it, use detangler and added a smear of this..and let me tell you it works wonders in the tumbleweed even when we don't use a detangler it works like we did. When its rubbed in to scalp it blends great with hair, non sticky, and dries nicely.
    ** I did receive this product for review purposes and my opinion is just that MY OWN!!**
The product is great for any hair type(IMO) and does by all accounts what is stated on their site(IMO). I received nothing besides the products for review and by writing this review Im not receiving anything in return. The links posted are direct links to their site.

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