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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

*MommyParties*-Xtreme Customz line

     I had the opportunity to provide "MY" and my neighborhood kids with the chance to try a great new online product at my kids Easter Party Thanks to  MommyParties and Xtreme Customz line. It was amazing to see the excitement of the kids and interest in building the vehicle for them self(with some adult supervision). I had kids at my home, boys and girls, aged 4-12 each had fun either building theirs or helping the ones needing help, but all walked away with one of their own.
     The cars are no bigger than a small cell phone with snap on pieces and each is interchangeable so the creation can be their own. They have adjustable chassis so they can decide how they are going to cruise, super cute, my littler ones didn't understand and my bigger ones really just had fun taking them apart and rebuilding sharing pieces.
     The instructions are easy to understand and the pieces are perfect for little hands. These cool Xtreme Customz line vehicles can be part of your collection by shopping at some online stores(amazon, target, toys r us and CVS).

The kids had a great time

***Important Note:*** 

Please note that there are two different toy  lines by Ridemakerz.  There’s the Ridemakerz brand that is sold in Ridemakerz stores/on the website  Then there’s Xtreme Customz line (an extension of Ridemakerz), which is the line "I" received and sold in Target and Toys R Us (not Ridemakerz stores or the website).  

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