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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

**Guppi - Sh(you)s

Guppi shoes are a new idea to the same ol' shoe with a twist(or a zip). I saw these and thought ooh gosh, how cool is that and the nice people at the guppi group were nice enough to send me a set to try and review myself:)
     The first thing you do when visiting their site is to view the many panels they have to choose from and remember these are build-your-own design shoes so be as wild and crazy as you may!! The panels are bright and colorful, with heels and tongues of many colors. The sides are many times multi colored where the heels and tongues are single colored so it does take some imagination on how you are going to build it.
this was my variety I received I chose the owl sides and the "love" sides
the zipper piece is hidden in the sole under cushion,easy to remove and replace

the panels and pieces are clearly marked telling you sides

(sorry pix out of order) this is showing the heel attached by zipper and one side zipped attached to heel w snap and Velcro.

this is heel after zipped before side added

this is the sides and heel attached, the tongue slides into end and found it easier to put in tongue then lace them up.

the finished product, love shoe with blush heel and tongue
the finished owl with silver tongue and heel

     this is the link to build it step by step>>
My opinion is these are super nice shoes, well made, well thought of...fairly easy to assemble, takes some patience as they zip. The are easy to replace sides and heel with just a pull of the zippered section(as the zipper itself does not stay attached. The sole is comfortable and well padded. I did wear mine for a day of running errands and didn't not notice any real issues with their make up.
   Thank you to Guppi for this awesome opportunity!!
**As mentioned I did receive a complete set of product to conduct a review of product on my blog, my opinion is my own and receiving the product did not change my opinion of its uses**


  1. this is great i wonder do they carry size 11's but over great review

  2. Those are some super cool fun shoes! I love them! Thank you for sharing!

  3. what a cool shoe!I love that you create your own so noone has the same

  4. Those are so cute and kinda whacky that you put your own together :P

  5. These are a great shoe and look great.