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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Americas Most-Loved P&G Products (shespeaks)

     Being a part of an elite group of bloggers always has its advantages and being in some of the best communities doesn't hurt either :) I have been a member of SheSpeaks for some time now and have the best opportunities to review some "one of a kind products". This month though was not "one of a kind" but rather" Americas Most Loved" and yes America voted..did you??
Best of P&G Brands

sorry for the huge picture but the computer is giving me issues :( This is the contents of my Most Loved box as we are a larger community many members got different things so we all have something to review in a variety of ways.
First thing I received was (in no particular order)
 **Covergirl black 100% more volume instantly with the biggest brush EVER from Covergirl, volume boosting formula and larger brush give you that extra BOLD look that you have been searching for. Covergirl is sold at a bunch of locations including Target and online. I just love a lash boosting mascara!!
**Febreze Car Refresher in Linen&Sky scent as a vent clip, attach clip to vent using built in attachers, follow the easy to follow directions, adjust the amount of scent you need to eliminate odors in your car. I enjoy just having a refresher in my car as much as in my home it just lifts your mood.
**Gillette Hydrating body Wash..dry skin relief..apply to a cloth or puff and use as you would bar soap to eliminate body odors, creates a nice lingering scent. Perfect for the man or boy in your life, that's who used it in my home.
**Swiffer Dusting cloths..these are little pads you attach to the enclosed handle, they slip on your preference front or back of handle. Over the years we have acquired multiple handles and my kids really enjoy using these themselves. The cloth is super soft and fuzzy and traps the dust and dirt into grooves. They are unscented and perfect for hard to reach places including ceiling fans.
Twitter: @PGeveryday
Program Hashtag: #PGmostloved  #spon
If you haven't tried any of these products put them on your next shopping list and as always keep your eye out in newspapers for the P&G inserts with coupons.

***Disclosure:This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G***

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