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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

**Spontaneous Happiness**Book Review

     This book is aimed at improving your over all emotional well-being. It has a ton of tips and ideas to create a healthier lifestyle and mindset. As a person who has struggled with depression himself, he aims to raise awareness with his readers on tips and tricks he has learned for himself that created a better emotional well-being. He praises diet, exercise and lifestyle choices for his best way to heal the mind and body, he states that striving for an ultimately positive life style with no ups and downs is the true recipe to a destructive life. Without the ability to open your eyes and see the world around you and the realization that those around you have similar experiences you ultimately don't have the chance to learn from your experiences.

I felt this really hit the nail on the head for our well being :

 I believe the incidence of true depression really has increased to some extent. I think this is largely due to a huge mismatch between the modern world and the world in which we, as human beings, evolved. We simply are not meant to live as many of us do today: sedentary, alone, staring at glowing screens that keep us on perpetual information overload, eating processed food, and sleep-deprived as artificial light extends the natural day well into the night. Living this way undermines physical and mental health in profound ways.

Many of us do spend a considerable amount of time in the same setting doing the same thing in life and I believe we all need variety and something to strive for.

"I" honestly do not go to the store and seek out self help books, not because I probably wouldn't benefit from them but because...hmm ..its just kind of hard to comprehend something I don't see that I NEED to change in my life.

    I did like his idea of writing letters to people who have impacted you and the ability to show something heartfelt and meaning by reading the written aloud. It creates that personal touch and lets the person know how much they impacted you.
**Disclaimer**I received this book for review from The Book Connection Book Club and my review is mine and receiving this book didn't sway my opinion of it.**

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