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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brothers All Natural*The Healthy Snacks* Giveaway!!**

Brothers All Natural
     I first became aware of this very tasty child friendly product while shopping at my local store and I as a mom and coach am always looking for a good for you- go to snack. With kids the biggest problem is finding the right thing to suit their taste and sweet fruit is always a plus in my home. My kids have never been afraid of fruit and the dried fruit just adds a new spin on the regular ol'thing.
    The Brothers brand -All-Natural snack is 100% fruit no added sugars or preservatives and in this little pouch its easy to provide you or your little ones with their recommended daily serving of fruits. The fruit crisps are Allergen free: peanut/tree nut free, gluten free, soy free, vegan and OU kosher certified. Now I must ask, does it get better?? Have you tried them yet??I HAVE and they are wonderful each and everyone is distinct in taste just as the fruit should be.
   There are so many flavors its hard to choose just one, though I did only review the fruit snacks, they do also make...fruit&oat cups in many flavor combinations, and potato crisps a healthier alternative to a chip snack.
    My kids did get to try the Disney Apple and Cinnamon Apple and AsianPear Variety, they are perfectly flavored by nature as nothing is added but the cinnamon flavor to the one. There are 2 servings of fruit per bag and one bag is perfect size for little fingers and great snack for lunch or on the go. I am a mom of a K class and this was a great addition to their day, as the schools here in California only allow healthy snacks to be brought to school to share. The K class loved them and each child ate the entire bag as an afternoon snack.
   We did get to try the Strawberry slices and Strawberry as a whole packs and these were my youngest ones favorite, as she is my ultimate strawberry eater. They are no sugar added so they do take on the full taste of a strawberry, they do have a sweet but tangy taste and almost immediately dissolve in your mouth. Each bag contains between 6 and 10 strawberries. Great taste!!

     The Fuji Apple and Apple Cinnamon were very good and a big HIT in my home between the older kids as they are soft but a little crisp, once again no sugar added so you get the full taste of Fuji apple with the added pop of cinnamon. These were provided to my HS classroom of special needs kids as a surprise and to provide me some feedback. As always when I do reviews I do use my kids as tasters as well as the many organizations im affiliated with including classrooms. I figure many times these kids have not ever seen nor tried this product...soooo I give it a go. My teenagers had no problem polishing off all bags that were provided as each child tried 1/2 and 1/2. I heard no complaints so this was definately a good choice for them.

     The Asian Pear by far was the lightest of allt he choices it was very pear flavorful. It was my favorite therefore I did not share this one(ok maybe I did, but didn't want to).

     You can follow the Brothers-All-Natural on their Facebook Page or twitter for all their upcoming news special events and promotions. Do you Pinterest so do they :)
 ***Disclaimer: I did receive the products complimentary associated with above stated company to try and review on my blog, In no way did it sway my opinion or create a false review. I review products and will only give MY OPINION, it may differ from someone else but I am happy with stated product and feel it has been fully stated to be true IMO***
    So join me and try the healthy alternative to a chip. Interested in ordering a box for yourself or to share?? Follow one of my attached linkys and use my coupon code to take 10%off any purchase through their website..enter code "banreview10". This code can only be used once per customer with no expiration date.
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  1. yummy yummy yummy i want some

  2. The strawberries seem like they would be really good in a cake or something :D

  3. Aww man this look delicious! I want to win this one. New follower.

  4. Strawberry slices sound delicious and so unique. I know they would not last long in my house. Thank you.

  5. Great giveaway! The asian pear sounds great.
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  6. We love brothers all natural!! You just reminded me I need to buy more of the strawberry, and cinnamon apple! We buy the boxes off of amazon. Its a great reasonable prized snack. Your pictures made me wish I had some right now.

  7. Oh wow! That sounds so yummy! I want the pear and strawberry flavored ones! :)

  8. These look really good I hpe I am the lucky winner!

  9. I would love to try the Cinnamon Apples.

  10. I would say the apple, Because we love apples!

  11. Asian pear looks good thanks crystal allen

  12. I'd love to try the Fuji Apple Fruit Crisps

  13. I would love to try the Asian Pear.


  14. i want to try the asian pear flavor
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