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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Melissa&Doug **Surprise Box** Part 1

I recently received a surprise box from Melissa &Doug and it was filled with some very amazing products that were primarily based on creativity and hand&;motor skills. It was Wooden puzzles, Kits and Craft sets as well as some magnetic items.

Woodland Princess Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle - 24 Pieces

Princess Wooden jigsaw Puzzle ages 3+ it contains 24
wooden pieces perfect size for little hands to hold and control. I received this as a prize pack and my 2 yr old just loves puzzles but parent supervision is required. The colors are very vivid and colorful very eye appealing for little ones.

Deluxe Stamp Set
Deluxe Stamp set such a nice kit to be used for imagination play!! It comes with 16 stampers and a split stamp pad as well as a set of colored pencils so your little ones can add color and dimension to their pictures. It is geared for ages 6+ but honestly my 5 yr old, my 2 yr old and my olders had a blast stamping their hands and arms and paper with them. Paper pad is not included but most people have that. The ink was very easy to clean off hands and noses:) It comes in a very sturdy wooden box to keep everything seperated and the stamper is enclosed to keep it moist.

Sweet Hearts Bead SetSweet Hearts Bead set ages 4+ but like all the toys all my kids enjoyed this bead set. The beads were so plentiful for the 5 cords everyone was able to create their own unique braclet with no fighting over colors. The wooden beads were so easy to use and to hold onto for little hands. Great craft product for a classroom or birthday party even better to receive as a gift. This set was geared towards girls but even my boys had a blast threading the beads and tying. The beads are colorful and come in a variety of sizes to include small ones and is best for a little older group. parent supervision is a must with each and every toy!!

Minnie mouse Magnetic Dress up set (because I cant find the link no linky is provided)..Im going to assume the item is available at Disneyland but am unsure of the area of origin for it. It contains a  magnetic wooden minnie doll with a stand and 33 pieces of accessories interchangeable Disney princess dresses (which include Cinderella, Aurora, Belle and Tiana). Minnie Mouse also has a few outfits. . The pieces stick very easily and stay where they are put without moving. I had never seen one before my surprise box but my 2 yr old enjoyed it for a long time taking off outfits and putting new ones on. The pieces are kind of symbolic of a puzzle where you put dress on a certain way the shoes fit below it, if the shoes are too close the dress covers her face, therefore the child has learned that everything has its own place. Great concept, we loved it

  **This review was done solely on the receipt of a PRIZE not as a REVIEW REQUEST. I appreciate everything that Melissa&Doug have so generously provided for my kids**


  1. WOW! Great box. I love Mellisa & Doug toys.

  2. What an awesome box! We love Melissa & Doug in our house too.

  3. I want to come over and play with some crafts!!