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Monday, January 14, 2013

Build A Bear*Merry Mint Pup


 I know when I was growing up we didn't have anything that even resembled a stuffed animal with clothes.  We had the dolls to dress and the animals to snuggle, unless you are like me and dressed my animals in baby clothes. As I had children I started realizing how much the toy world had changed and left me behind.
     I remember being on vacation and at a mall walking past a store that was so bright and eye catching and thought WOW look at that, I never had one of those:) I did take my child in to take a glance around and was amazed by all that I saw and you know where this story goes...needless to say that day we both got one for our collection (after all who says I need to grow up).

     The entrance to the Build A Bear stores is an appealing sight to any child and for the most part any adult looking for the perfect gift. They have dozens of animal shells to fit the boy or girl in your life and they come in all colors and designs of the season. After the child picks that special and oh so unique friend they take it to the stuffing machine and place a heart with a kiss and a wish inside the animal as well they can choose to make a recording to remember that special day. After the stuffing its on to the bath and dry where the child gets to give it their own special Build A Bear wash before the final dressing. These animals are so unique and individual its easy to create a special look that is just yours. The final and best part is looking for the wardrobe change..Yep..there are hundreds of outfits and accessories as well as furniture for your child to choose.
    I had the privilege of receiving a14 inch "Merry Mint Holiday Pup" also known dressed as "Sweet Stripes Merry Mint Pup" for review and I have to say the pup was dressed for the occasion Christmas. Perfect for a boy or girl
 thoughSweet Stripes Merry Mint Pup it was dressed in a very pretty satin ruffled bow embellished dress red stripes and dots for her occasion and soft slip on shoes on all fours. The pup has mint candy patterned ears and paws all soft and comes with a mint bone. They all come with a Lifetime Paw Pass and you make an adoption paper to show that it belongs to you. ** As with all Build a Bears the clothing and accessories are sold seperately that way your child can create their OWN animal.**
     If you are looking for a party place they do parties as well call to schedule yours today.
**As with all my reviews i did receive a product in exchange there is no other compensation for the review. My opinions are my own and may differ from others.**

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