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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

**Nickelodeons Holiday Gift guide**The BEST of 2012 Dora Potty and Organizer

   **This post will be a couple parts as I have multiple items to review**
     Gosh!! I dont know where to start "I" had the most FABULOUS chance to review some of the HOTTEST toys and home accessories of 2012 thanks to the most gracious(you know who you are) at Nick Corp Com.I am a mom to many and every year it seems that toy choices are overwhelming and you never know if that "special present" is an absolute HIT or MISS. Ive got to tell you the toys that have made this list really are surprisingly top notch especially with my kids. I know you say... how is one toy different from another? Well they spend alot of time trying to come up with this list of the hottest holiday items.
    The first great item my daughter could not wait to open was the
 Ready for Potty Dora:
she comes with a sip cup so she can drink just like our kids do and its an especially hard time when we are trying to teach techiniques of potty training.

she comes with everything she needs the doll, cup and potty she is hard plastic and bendable. The song she sings is at a perfect volume and we have not noted any difficulties with little hands activating it.

she comes with a tshirt and training pants minimal clothes to mirror our kids at potty training she is meant to help teach if Dora can do it, well maybe I can to :) Her speak button is on her chest and easily accessible for the little one.

she sings a little song to let you know when she is ready to sit on the potty and while sitting she sings a catchy little song to let you know how excited she is to be a big girl. The box comes with instructions on how to go online to get some little extra incentives for the little one training in progress. 
**Recommended for ages 2+**

Dora Multi Bin Toy Organizer:
Now who could not use another place to store those toys, I know in my house I need alot of place to put toys and books so an organizer was the perfect addition to eliminate some clutter. Before you start you need to pull out and review directions and make sure you have some simple tools available(screwdriver).
This is Miss Trinity attempting to separate all the items from inside the box it comes with the foldable mesh style baskets with stabilizer bottoms, the dora wood sides and dowels to put together to create organizer as well as the needed screws.

The box is compact and does require assembly to create the cute and ever so useful organizer. I like the fact it has so many bins all levels different sizes and it could virtually be used as a store all. My kids like this because it holds dolls and blocks and everything is in its own seperated container 

All items in this post were provided complimentary to me through the company stated, receiving the products does not sway my opinion on said products. In my opinion the products are and do what is said, my opinion is my own and other opinions may differ. 

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