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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

**Mineral Hygienics REVIEW**

     I had the opportunity to review a variety of products that Mineral Hygienics offers and was happily surprised. I, as a busy mom, do not have too much time in a usual day to run to the cosmetics and apply everything needed nor do I feel that everyday I need to. I like ease and simplicity in my routine but when it comes to cosmetics I need a product that really benefits me but not too dramatically and can outlast my day.

     I am a typical redhead, with light skin not oily or easily broken out, some freckles but not prominent and show some signs of aging. I like a product that goes on easily without much mess or fuss and can be removed just as easily. I like my normal routine to consist of foundation and a bronzer for a little color but not overwhelming. Being a redhead I already have some color to my cheeks so for myself I don't blush and apply lips and eyes when I'm going somewhere.
     I appreciate a company that really stands behind there product and notes that they are in it for the consumer rather than their pocket, this company offers testimonials behind their product and value honest opinions.
     Like I stated I had the opportunity to review 4 products of their product line and want to express how soft and free of harmful ingredients these products are.
color to the top on hand
Like I stated Im very light skinned so the fairly light foundation was a great match for my skin, it was easy to apply with a brush, very even and long lasting. They offer a color match guarantee and strive for customer satisfaction with an awesome customer service, very helpful and well qualified. 

color to right on hand
This is the light foundation and found the color very comparable to the fairly light and is a perfect match for my skin. Like the other, it is long lasting and easy to apply, it provides great coverage and is very gentle on skin and celebrity endorsed.

color to bottom on hand
Like the rest of their products sheer perfection finishing powder is exceptional, so easy to apply and long lasting, minimal ingredients(Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Mica and Zinc Oxide) it is very soft and subtle and doesn't even look like you are wearing any product. The color is so soft you can barely see it on my hand:)

The final product I reviewed was the Cool Kiss bronzer it WAS NOT the product I requested..BUT.. I was equally happy with the product, not only the color but the finish. It is said for those with "fair skin" I do not have fair skin my skin tone is super lite with really NO noticeable problems and my concern was that this would be too dark. So when I applied it I was extremely surprised by not only the color but how extremely sparkly I was when applied. If you can see it was very light in color and blended well, the shine came from the color I just love the glitter look.

So, my question this something you are looking for?? If you are.. here is where you can find
 them as well as i have links throughout my review as shortcuts
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**My opinion of the products mentioned are MY OPINION and may differ from others. I did receive the product to review and was not offered any other compensation for my review and my review was not swayed by receiving the product to review.**

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