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Sunday, November 4, 2012

**Zevia* The new NEW Cola Giveaway

Once upon a time soda loving people had a revelation. They knew soda could be made smarter. The best ingredients with a guilt free sweetener seemed like an impossible dream. And yet, it wasn’t!
In 2007, amidst the rainy backdrop of Seattle, Zevia Zero Calorie Soda was born. Sharing our stevia sweetened Cola, Lemon Lime Twist and Orange soda with the world became our mission, and we were welcomed with open arms. People were craving a smarter soda!
Shortly thereafter we launched 3 more guilt-free flavors, Ginger Root Beer, Black Cherry and Ginger Ale, with great fanfare. The Zevia love was spreading in a major way.
In 2009 we got a call from the Doctor, Dr. Zevia that is. The prognosis was looking good. Staying hydrated, cutting out artificial sweeteners and calories was prescribed, and it tasted great.
Zevia was loved by people all around the world but none we knew better than our fans in the Pacific Northwest, as it was home. However, cold soda and hot sun seemed like a perfect fit so we up and moved to Los Angeles! Southern California became our new home, but a big part of our heart is still in Seattle.
2011 brought five new flavors and some major growth. Word of smarter soda spread with the launch of five great tasting flavors like Cream Soda, Grapefruit Citrus & Caffeine Free Cola. Jaws dropped when we created the first diet Grape Soda and all natural Mountain Zevia, a mainstream favorite. They are all so delicious, but then again, we might be a little biased.
Our team of soda loving people grew a little more as the world’s passion for Zevia, the smarter soda choice became clear. So what to do when you have more Z team members? Make more flavors of course. We lovingly welcomed Cherry Cola, Strawberry and Lime Cola into the fold in 2012.
Our little family of 15 flavors has grown as time has flown by. So what’s next? Stay tuned! One might say we are just getting started . . .

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  1. woohoo theses are so yummy i got to win these lol