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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

**Skinny Dip Candle Review &Giveaway!!**

Skinny Dip Candles Review/Giveaway!

I am so excited to bring this savvy giveaway to all of my readers!

I had the awesome chance to review two candles from Skinny Dip Candles!

Skinny Dip Candles is a company that makes candles that can be used not only as a candle, but as a massage oil, body lotion and body balm! Skinny Dip Candle use cosmetic grade soy, which is not the same as other natural soy candles. The cosmetic grade soy is at a better quality and better for your skin! The candles not only have this great ingrediant, but they also add top quality cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E for their emolient, skin nurturing properties. They also only use skin-safe fragrance oils so you can be sure that this candle is not only safe for your skin, but good for you too!

As stated on their website, "Due to its unique ingredient composition, a Skinny Dip Candle burns at just over body temperature (about 102 degrees) when melted. . . the temperature of a relaxing, hot bath. Use the Skinny Dip Candle as a warm body moisturizer, or as a soothing treatment for your cuticles, hands, elbows and feet. You can also use the candle as a massage oil - perfect for couples massage, or for use by professional therapists. The Skinny Dip Candle can also be used unmelted if desired. With a solid texture similar to that of a rich body balm, it can easily be massaged into the skin."

That is why I love this candle so much! It has so many savvy uses that make this not only a great luxury, but a great buy with it being so versitile!

I had the chance to review one full size Skinny Dip Candle and one Skinny Mini Candle. Below is my review of both.

Skinny Dip Black Raspberry Vanilla

What I do like about this 6oz candle is the scent. It is a nice warm, berry scent with a hint of sweetness from the vanilla. At first, I decided to try the candle out as a body balm. When you open the tin, there is a small little spoon inside that helps you scrape off the candle or to "scoop" up the oil when melted. The spoon helped very much when using this to scrape off to use as a body balm, but to me it was to small to use to pour out the oil. When using as a body balm, you will need to warm it up in your hands first as it does not spread very easily. However, after applied my skin felt very nourished and moisurized! The scent was quite pleasent as well!

When using this as a candle, I would have liked a much stronger scent. I picked this scent because I figured it would be strong and bold. When used as an oil or body balm this is very true. Although, when lit, the candle doesn't give off alot of fragrance that I am used to. I lit this candle in my bedroom, and you could definetly smell it in the room. Once I have left the room though, I could not smell it as I had hoped. We live in a very small, 700 sq ft apartment so I am used to being able to smell candles in other rooms.

When using this candle as a massage oil, I would give this a 5 star review! As soon as I felt that the candle melted enough, I decided to blow it out and pour some in my hands to massage into my legs. The oil was at perfect temperature and felt very warm and luxurious. I loved that it left my skin feeling moisturized with out that sticky feeling.

After lighting this candle for more than 12+hours and using it a few times as a body butter and massage oil, I still have half a candle left! I find this quite amazing! I am used to candles only lasting 6-8hrs around my house so this candle is quite a treat! Espcially when this candle is only 6oz!

I also had the chance to review the Skinny Mini Candle in Lavendar! This small candle is in a 1oz tin and is perfect for you to use as a cuticle softener or small hand body butter! I will keep mine in my purse this winter. It will be perfect to use when my hands are cracked and dry from the cold! These Skinny Mini Candles are perfect for stocking stuffers with the holidays just around the corner! I also think they would make lovely party gifts for wedding and baby showers! (They offer bulk order pricing too!)

What is also great about the Skinny Dip Candle website is that they giveaway 3 Skinny Dip Candle Packages to their email readers each month! Each Skinny Dip Candle Package includes 2 Skinny Dip Candles in the winners choicee of scent! To sign up for their newsletter and sweepstakes you can go HERE. Good Luck!

Now, the best part is that I get to giveaway a Skinny Dip Candle away! The winner will get to pick their favorite scent as well!

Enter via the Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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**I receieved these products in exchange for an honest review. However, all opinions are my own and my be different then yours.**

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