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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pinypon Mommy Party

Before I received a box of Pinypon, thanks to Mommy Parties,
I was totally clueless to what they exactly were. I received a variety of Pinypon Dolls and Caravans
to share with my party goers. The dolls are uber fabulous,
each unique from hair to outfit, and come so they can be interchanged with accessories. Can be mix and matched with everything from hair to face to accessories and all remain very unique. My MommyParty came with dolls,
for all my party goers, with a variety of styles including the boy dolls. The caravan included came with a ton of accessories from picnic supplies to surf boards and the caravan
folds down on both sides to create a pool and juice bar:) Its totally portable and easy for little hands to move, open and play. The pieces are very tiny and easily misplaced so it does take some watchful eyes when it comes to the pieces.Lots of stickers are included for the imagination of the kids to create their own unique look. I recommend this playset for ages 4 and up as it is very interactive so many things to do, so may extra pieces.
I did have a ton of pix but unfortunately my computer took a dump made it impossible for me to retrieve the pix as it is not working. The kit came with the extra caravan as well and was raffled to a 5year old that came to my party(pic cant be used protective purpose). My son had as much fun with these dolls as his sister and friends& neighbors did. You can purchase Pinypon and accessories very easily at Amazon **Thank you MommyPrtiesfor allowing me this awesome opportunity to share this great set of toys with my neighbors and day care kids**The party ideas, games and all the pamplets and coupons were a big hit!! Especially when we found out the toys can be purchase online or in select stores like Target and Walmart By publishing this post, I received free products as part of a promotional program with MomSelect. All opinions are my own

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