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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

**Oransi** Ionic Air Purifier for Refridgerator

When I was first contacted to do a review for the Oransi company I didn't really know too much about the products besides the fact they were High Quality Eco friendly Air Purifier solutions. I did get to choose the product from the company and after much thought and consideration my choice was The Ionic Air Purifier
for the Refridgerator. As a mom of 4,my refridgerator gets tons of use with left-overs, fruits and vegetables. My fridge at times has had some very shocking smells that even after cleaning still seem to linger. Well this cool little device eliminates the stagnant air by circulating and purifying the air in your fridge. It runs on 2AA batteries,its the size of a basic cell phone
so it can be put virtually anywhere in the fridge and either be or not be noticed. It is lightweight and has a very nice design with a little light in front, and the sound is silent.
I like it because it eliminates the foodsmell in the fridge and kills bacteria but the best part is... it can be used anywhere not just in the fridge. It can be used to neutralize odors in a closet if needed or anyplace you have a need to remove odors. Reminder it is very small and its best place is a small place, but the company does sellall sizes of air purifiers and imsure you can find one to fit your needs. **The product was provided for review purposes only I was not otherwise compensated for my opinion and my review is based on my opinion of product** If you are interested in one of these handy devices for yourself you can find more info here : or facebook!/OransiLLC

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