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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

*MY Babys Heartbeat Bear* KIT

   My Baby's Heartbeat Bear - Purusha's Picks Inc 
     I had my first child 20 years ago and WOW has technology changed in that 20 years. When I had my oldest this type of product was virtually unheard of, and if it was heard of it was by far hard to find. My son was born in the age of 2D ultrasound and Doppler machines. Nothing fancy just tried and true. I looked forward to hearing the baby and heartbeat on every visit.
   While looking through the internet I found this great site My Babys Heartbeat Bear Kit for new and expecting moms and a very new age product to help with the transitioning from birth to home. Let me tell you, I do know how hard it is to adjust to the baby up wrong hours of the night and trying to get their sleep pattern in sync with mine. When a baby is born it has spent the entire 9 months hearing the slooshing and whirring of the mom and her stomach. The baby gets so used to that noise it eases the baby into comfort and relaxation and it gives the baby a sense of comfort. The day the baby comes its alot of commotion and noise and lots of bright lights and scary people and that sense of "known comfort" has been eliminated because the baby is no longer in that safe controlled noisy environment.
     My Babys Heartbeat Bear or in my case Frog

 helps to easily transition that from womb to home peacefulness. I was so excited to see the Frog his name is Charming, so cute and very soft, his fur is very soft and pillow like fleece and he comes with a velcro enclosure in his back. There are no pins or buttons nothing to come unattached. The kit comes with a handy little recorder that you take to your doctors appointment and you have the Doctor record the heartbeat during the visit. After recording the heartbeat, the company states to cover the Record tab with tape to prevent the loss of heartbeat while transporting(we all know accidents happen and they can not always be prevented).
   If interested in these adorable keepsakes please look them up on Facebook or their website
    **I was provided with the product via said company, I am not being compensated for a review and was not paid to write a positive review. My opinion of product is"it does as stated" like all my reviews it is stated as my opinion**

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