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Sunday, October 28, 2012

*Squaredy Cats*The huggable loveable CAT*

The concept squaredy cats was born thanks to husband/wife duo Kurt and Elaine aka Monkey Doodle Dandy based in Brooklyn.

 Are you a cat lover?? Do you believe in being YOU??Are you different and LOVE being you regardless of what others think :) YEAHHHH !! Its great to be unique , smile because that makes your personality as UNIQUE as you are.
       Kids these days are worried about what others think and what others do. Peer pressure is terrible on kids and causes anxiety in youth from constantly worrying about fitting in with others.
        I had the chance to try the hottest new stuffed cat, called squaredycats and each one is unique and has a lesson to teach. Their motto is to be happy in your own skin and to" not be squared... "

       I loved this toy from the moment I saw it, first it was a cat, but as well it showed to be YOU. I love toys that teach kids its okay to be different and not to be afraid to not fit in with everyone. These are little square cats thus the name "Squaredy Cats" fully furred and have a motto embroidered on its side to provide its own personal statement of self expression.

      These Squaredy Cats first debut was at the New York Toy Fair in 2011, the faceboook page has a high fan base and many Squaredy Lovers are asking for MORE. Because the demand is so high some of the originals have since retired to allow new mottoes to be created, and collectibility is high. The first series was released in March 2011 the most recent 3rd series was released in February 2012. Such mottoes included recent are "not squared to be UNIQUE" each cat has a specific costume idea which can be anything from sunglasses to flowers.
The one the company sent me to review was . Its a black cat, totally appropriate for the Halloween coming up. My daughter absolutely adored her "kittie" and carried it everywhere including for a nap. Its soft, its huggable and easy to carry because of its size. It has little eye mask and a fluffy tail, its completely stuffed and self contained. After removing tags I didn't notice any possible choking hazard as all pieces seem to be sewn on very well, but like with any other toy its always best to supervise your children.
     Definitely a cute idea with Christmas coming up:)  There are so many to choose from all have their own personality. If interested here are some places to find these adorable toys:  online shop     info and news on twitter   info and upcoming on facebook

My opinion is:: the product does as advertised and am very pleased by the products. As with all my reviews, my opinions are my own, I did receive a complimentary product from the company to review, I was not paid for my review nor is there any other offerings to me being offered for my review

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