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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Harvey Prince Eau Fling 6 Winner Giveaway

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Give Yourself a High5 ..childs CD review and Giveaway

     cd cover
     I was excited to receive this music, song and poem CD to review, as I'm a mom and I'm always on the look out for educational songs for my kids. This CD teaches not only the music we grew up with but adds some new songs that teach manners or proper etiquette. It mixes nursery rhymes with soul sounds and country sounds. There is a lot of music instruments as well as sounds to mimick your everyday activities, for instance brushing your teeth, cha cha cha chaaa. The music is very repetitive and easy to catch on to with the verses repeating it gets the kids involved because they can repeat what they just heard.
Photo: Childs music CD to review :)sorry shes wiggling
Click a track below to see lyrics and
activity suggestions!
Sugar Slump (1:53)
Samba de Roda (0:33)
GoGoGo (2:16)
Goldilocks (2:59)
The Sun Is Up (0:12)
Little Hector (1:05)
Blues Away (2:36)
Jack and Jill (1:46)
Give Yourself a High Five (3:15)           
 I love all the instrumental including the use of bass, guitar, drums, banjo, fiddle, piano, trombone, violin and percussion as well as beatboxing. Each song is unique and doesnt resemble the one before many genres being shared as well as many musical types.
     This is a perfect CD to include in any driving trip or classroom. Its not only educational but entertaining. I know my daughter got very involved in the actions the music was telling her to perform, clap your hands, stomp your feet, sit down, wave bye bye. She really enjoyed the itsy bitsy spider as well as the sequel to it. The nursery rhymes have a little added flair with the way they are being performed not just read from the book. My little one really enjoyed the Humpty Dumpty and the Jack and Jill.
     Now if you are in the market for a pretty cool CD for your kids, this is very interactive and entertaining it has tons of sounds to capture little imaginations. The songs are very easy to understand and the music is very well chosen for kids.
 Visit their website for more info:
·        Link to website:·        Link to Twitter:  ·        Link to album on CD Baby and iTunes:  and  

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I did receive a complimentary copy to review, my views and opinions are mine, receiving the product did not influence my opinion. OPEN TO US ONLY. Im not receiving any compensation  from company. Once I NAME winner the info will be provided to the company. The company is responsible for providing prize.

     A little about the company as captured from their page, so not to interpret in any way other than the correct interpretation..
TPAC Education offers programs that bring exciting arts opportunities and learning to a diverse audience of all ages.Give Yourself a High Five is a collaboration with our Teaching Artists inspired by the teachers and students in our pre-school classroom residencies. We incorporate the performing arts into early childhood education using the Wolf Trap Early Learning Through the Arts model

Sunday, October 28, 2012

*Squaredy Cats*The huggable loveable CAT*

The concept squaredy cats was born thanks to husband/wife duo Kurt and Elaine aka Monkey Doodle Dandy based in Brooklyn.

 Are you a cat lover?? Do you believe in being YOU??Are you different and LOVE being you regardless of what others think :) YEAHHHH !! Its great to be unique , smile because that makes your personality as UNIQUE as you are.
       Kids these days are worried about what others think and what others do. Peer pressure is terrible on kids and causes anxiety in youth from constantly worrying about fitting in with others.
        I had the chance to try the hottest new stuffed cat, called squaredycats and each one is unique and has a lesson to teach. Their motto is to be happy in your own skin and to" not be squared... "

       I loved this toy from the moment I saw it, first it was a cat, but as well it showed to be YOU. I love toys that teach kids its okay to be different and not to be afraid to not fit in with everyone. These are little square cats thus the name "Squaredy Cats" fully furred and have a motto embroidered on its side to provide its own personal statement of self expression.

      These Squaredy Cats first debut was at the New York Toy Fair in 2011, the faceboook page has a high fan base and many Squaredy Lovers are asking for MORE. Because the demand is so high some of the originals have since retired to allow new mottoes to be created, and collectibility is high. The first series was released in March 2011 the most recent 3rd series was released in February 2012. Such mottoes included recent are "not squared to be UNIQUE" each cat has a specific costume idea which can be anything from sunglasses to flowers.
The one the company sent me to review was . Its a black cat, totally appropriate for the Halloween coming up. My daughter absolutely adored her "kittie" and carried it everywhere including for a nap. Its soft, its huggable and easy to carry because of its size. It has little eye mask and a fluffy tail, its completely stuffed and self contained. After removing tags I didn't notice any possible choking hazard as all pieces seem to be sewn on very well, but like with any other toy its always best to supervise your children.
     Definitely a cute idea with Christmas coming up:)  There are so many to choose from all have their own personality. If interested here are some places to find these adorable toys:  online shop     info and news on twitter   info and upcoming on facebook

My opinion is:: the product does as advertised and am very pleased by the products. As with all my reviews, my opinions are my own, I did receive a complimentary product from the company to review, I was not paid for my review nor is there any other offerings to me being offered for my review

Sunday, October 14, 2012

snackTaxi Portable Reusable Snack*GIVEAWAY*

     Snack Taxi

     I contacted this company because while browsing one day I ran across its website and I'm always happy when seeing a company "keeping it green". As a busy mom of four, who has tons of after school and sport related activities I cant tell you how many snacks I've had to pack and how often I've not been able to find a baggie or sack to put the snack in. What a waste of $$ you use a baggie or sack one time and generally throw it away. Come on admit it you do it to and all we are doing is wasting money and filling up landfills. I've often wanted something that can be reused but never came across something that was convenient. Sure stores make those plastic sandwich containers, but how can you carry it without setting it down or forgetting it?
     This talented, small company came up with the perfect solution to your "green" ways providing the convenience of a baggie that can withstand the everyday use of our kids and family. These bags are lined with coated nylon, machine washable or easily cleaned with a sponge and have a handy velcro closure to keep everything inside. These are easily folded so the can be carried, once emptied, in your pocket and are no bigger than a baggie. They have come up with so many cute and useful ideas in terms of design and labeling.
    Does your child have a GLUTEN FREE diet?? Here's a cute idea and it makes it known to those who feed your child: ..see the label it states GLUTEN FREE, it doesn't blend in , its clearly labeled over the Velcro closure. As you notice it doesn't blend in with the picture.
     Does your child have a NUT FREE lifestyle?? This bag also is clearly marked so there is no mistake what it is: once again clear and noticeable.
     I can't even begin to tell you how useful and fun these bags are!! I have used mine on many occasions already and it cleans so easily everything form Kindergarten lunch to football game.
     I'm going to give one reader a chance to win one for yourself. It is the OWL design at the top of the page. These are super cute and very handy!!

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**USA only**
Disclaimer: snackTAXI provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

**Mia Mariu Review and GIVEAWAY***starts 10/28 at 12:01a


To be honest Im not an everyday Mascara wearing lady, generally special occasions or outtings, but i figured Id go out of the box, and Im so happy I did!! My choice was The Perfecting Finish Volumizing and Lengthening  Mascara in Black(Azabache CML01) . Can I just say, for someone who doesnt wear mascara often Im impressed with the color, weight and feel of the product. First the color was dark but not overpowering, the brush was perfect when applying the bristles applied the right amount to each lash evenly with no clumping. The product was very lightweight, after applying the product didn't feel as if it was even on. I could wear it all day without the feel of needing to reapply and it looked just as nice as when I actally applied it.

Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara Black 

Enriched formula with vitamin B5 gives your eyelashes incredible volume and length with intense color

 I chose the Loose mineral Eye Shadow Liner in color Durazno, it can be used as a shadow or as a liner when dampened. I chose to use as a shadow as Im a red head and as a liner wasnt sure how noticeable it would be even if dampened. The formula is very soft and "silky" with a nice shine and shimmer, the color was kind of coppery in color. I used a soft brush to apply and was very happy with the product as I like my makeup to not be too bold. I applied it in the morning above and below my eyes(kind of hard to see in picture) and by the end of the day it was still on and noticeable. I was very thrilled with the look and feel of the shadow and color it was definitely a good choice for my skin and my color choice.

 Loose Mineral Shadow Liner Durazno

Made with pure minerals and luxurious color pigments, thin silky formula provides long lasting coverage while gliding on softly and easily. Build color intensity and blend effortlessly

I chose the lip gloss in "Romance" because once again i was sticking with the color pallette of not too overwhelming , just noticeable. The color was more of a peachy color with alot of shimmer, just holding the container you can see all the shineyness:) It is softly scented and the applicator was perfectly sized to apply just the right amount evenly to top and bottom lips. The feel was very soft and non greasy and was perfect shine to smooth consistency. The gloss like any other does require repeated applications through the day.

Luminous Lip Gloss Romance

Sparkling shine in a vitamin rich hydrating formula gives your lips an irresistible look. Contains Vitamin A, C and E to nourish your lips.

     This GIVEAWAY will be for the exact products you see reviewed:) NO EXCEPTIONS!!
Here is a little about the company (as taken from their site so not to create a biased interpretation): 


My opinion is:: the product does as advertised and am very pleased by the products. As with all my reviews, my opinions are my own, I did receive a complimentary product from the company to review, I was not paid for my review nor is there any other offerings to me being offered for my review