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Friday, August 31, 2012

Murad Resurgence by Murad

     Have you heard of Murad? Let me tell you about the company :)
     Murad guarantees results when you are ready to transform the life of your skin. Do you have acne? ageing skin? clogged pores? Then Murad has a product for you. Dr. Murad has established that
beauty and health are vitally linked and best achieved through an Inclusive approach that
improves every cell in the body.Murad products have transformed the skin of many and the results are guaranteed or your money back. Yep Money Back!!
     Murad became a leader in skincare science since its establishment in 1989 thanks to Dr Murad, hailed as "one of the country's best dermatologists" by Vogue magazine.
     I had one of the greatest opportunity to try the Resurgence Introductory kit  by Murad
Resurgence® Introductory Kit
I have to admit Im 40 years old and dont think I look old BUT..maybe thats just me. Im 40 so this was a great product for me to be invited to try and Im really really liking it. Ill be the first to admit my skin is far from being as firm as a teenager and I could use all the help I can get. 
     I received this and  did notice the "good housekeeping" symbol at the bottom that just means its a tried and true product, been tested and tested to make sure others agree with what is being promoted. 
     The Resurgence has been promoted on TV and Joan Lunden has been the product sponsor claiming the benefits from using this product. You can either order from a TV ad or just go to resurgence-30-day to order your very own. 
     The Resurgence kit comes with a 1) Cleanse and Tone Renewing cleansing Cream, 2) Treat/Repair Age Diffusing Serum & Renewing eye cream and finally a 3) Hydrate /Protect Age Balancing cream. Each step is numbered in the order that is recommended to get the most from the product.
Step 1 Renewing Cleansing cream:
Renewing Cleansing Cream I did shake mine before use otherwise the liquid was coming out and according to package it is a pearlized wash. You dampen your face and neck then massage it in, rinse with warm water then pat dry. I have admit it has a great smell, and the color is very shiny and pearly, it lathers nicely and feels nice on the skin almost as if your skin is smiling. A small amount is all you need as it lathers alot!
 Step 2 Age diffusing serum
After you cleanse with the cleanser you use the age diffusing serum. I did as it said and chose to use a "thin layer" THIN is key, a little goes a longgg way :) It spreads very nicely and has such a nice smell as well. You massage it over your entire face, but stay away from your eyes TRUST ME:) It states it increases firmness in 10 minutes and honestly(IMO) I did notice a considerable tightening feeling.
Step2 does have a second product Renewing Eye Cream and this one you dab around under eyes as well up to the brow line.
Renewing Eye Cream

 Step3  2 is applying the Age Balancing night(Day)cream. It does state for optimal performance you follow the serum with the cream. The cream provides maximum hydration to restore suppleness.
Age-Balancing Night Cream
I really like the way my skin feels after just using the products in the kit, the cleanser is so refreshing, the eye cream is so soft feeling, the serum is so silky, and the night cream is so moisturizing. If you are concerned about the signs of aging this is a great product to try, the price is reasonable and the quality is outstanding. 

I want to thank Murad for giving me the opportunity to try this GREAT Resurgence Pack. I offered to provide my honest feedback and was not compensated in any way besides receiving the products to review. 



  1. murad sounds great, I'm starting to notice changes to my skin, really missing being in my 20s, I'll have to check this out, Thanks for the Review!

  2. I have tried Murad in the past and really liked it. I get swayed by all the new product lines out there. Your review makes me want to try the new lines by Murad next!