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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

“The Many Uses of Ivory”

     I have used many bars of soap in my 40 years here on this earth but one bar really is different from many others.I, being an influenster, received a bar of Ivory bar soap  in my last VoxBox for moms. Dont get me wrong I have used Ivory before, for showers and for hands. It is very gentle on skin and little hands and it is very entertaining for a wee one in the bath tub. I dont know exactly why but my kids get a kick out of letting the bar float like a ship while bathing, it floats. Its a pure bar and has so many uses besides bathing and floating.
     I ,as a mom of 4 have seen tons of stains and spots, this bar is great on stains. I didnt realize it till a couple of years back that it works as an amazing stain remover. I at first started buying a bar and when i did my kids clothes I added a couple little slivers to their soiled clothes. Then I had a lil girl who is messier than all my boys put together and as you know girls clothes are considerably lighter in colors. If you take a dry bar, dab the shirt with water, rub bar on stain on inside and out let it set then throw it in wash like normal. If its a tough stain use a brush of some sort to help compound the ivory in fabric. Im not going to say its a miracle bar because there will always be some stains that will not come out, luckily I havent found any like that yet :)
     Using Ivory is great on your face, it is so soft and pure, gentle on irrated skin. It cleans and freshens up your face and has been said to even out skin tones.
     I love Ivory it has so many uses in everyday life and you should always have a bar on hand. Thank you Influenster and Ivory for this great opportunity.

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