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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Copy-Kids DVD

I had the greatest opportunity to review this DVD with my 2 yr old and my 5 yr old, but dont get me wrong kids of all ages can really get tied up in this video. I did use this as a traveling video and my kids watched this while we driving around. The thing I really enjoyed about this video is the child interaction, the kids and the activity really keeps younger childrens attention to the point that they are totally involved as to what they are saying and doing. My kids do not eat alot of unhealthy food and they do choose fruits over vegetables but this instills a certain mind thought into the kids, "see look other kids eat there fruits and vegetables too" and to a child its a matter of do what they see or hear. This is a great video and its meant to be watched with kids and adults, there are NO frilly characters or alot of sugar coating just simple talk about what is good. Great video, I enjoyed watching with my kids and we have watched on more than one occasion.

This is by far a more informative video than I assumed especially when it comes to be aimed at kids. My kids were totally involved in what the kids were saying and doing and the more the watched it the more they repeated what they were hearing, therefore I knew what they were hearing was what they were absorbing. Great movie!!
if interested in your own copy Copy-Kids

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