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Friday, June 1, 2012

Bingo Blitz on FB..Riviera Hotel and Casino

     On Thursday my phone rang I was inclined not to answer as it was going to be a hectic day with my kids last day of school that day. But not knowing the number out of Los Angeles it peeked my curiosity and i answered it, it was a representative calling from a "Regan Group" her name was Christina. She was calling me to inform that my name had been chosen in the sweepstakes for an all inclusive trip to The Riviera in Las Vegas to compete in the Bingo Blitz 200,000 tournament. I was not impressed as I thought it all to be a hoax, so I listened and heard, agreed  and said "yeah send me the papers via email" she stated if I took the prize I had to get papers back to her Asap, THAT MEANT NOTARIZING AND ALL. Well got papers read thru them, still in disbelief, and figured if this was a hoax and i called the number back it would say "the number you have dialed is no longer in service"...BUT" answered was a real LIVE person that knew what I was talking about and transferred me to the SAME person from before. Hmm was this real???YES!!! got all my papers signed, notoraized and faxed back to her. She called me in the afternoon to ask if I really understood I won the trip, I apologized for not being convinced and she was awesome!!
    Well Im going to Las Vegas taking one person, my friend Sybil, we will be there in July 4 days 3 nights, roundtrip airfare, spending money, gambling money, food and other prizes. The value of my prize is nearly $1300..WOW!!
     Ive only been to Vegas once, so this will be something to go without my kids :( I hope its not 120 degrees then, it would be nice to maybe walk around a bit :) Cant wait to go !!

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