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Friday, June 1, 2012

Birchbox Gossip Girl

     Well I got my invite to join Birchbox, and by no means was it easy to join. I applied about 4 times before I got to the point on waiting list that I qualified to join. I was excited when I saw it said I was going to get the gossip Girl, it just sounded so exclusive...But...I really was disappointed when I received it. I had read many reviews and I was up in the air about the box, half good half bad reviews. I received my Birchbox and the contents were sooosmall and Im not expecting fullsize everything for $10, but most in  the box were the size samples you would have been able to pick up for free at retailers.
     I received a nail polish sample from Color Club, it is Disco NAP it is .25 fl oz, it is by means a respectable sample, small but mighty. The color is a gold with a very shiny color, i put it on my toes and it was one of those "one coat" products. It was easy to apply, dried reasonably fast, and was very eye catching. This was a PLUS in my box, i really liked it. Full size bottle arv is $8. You can find these at many stores including Wamart as well as online at Amazon, many colors to choose from.Product Details
     Arquiste L'Etrog perfume was included in the box, as I am not a huge Perfume person this was very much a surprise. When I received I thought "cute bottle" I took the lid off it had a very nice scent but you never know till you add a little bit to your skin. I applied a little to my wrist, its the easiest place to wash off if i dont like it:))'
It had a great scent on, much better than smelling from the bottle, the card states "warm notes of citron, palm leaves, and myrtle combine" inspired of a medevial harvest festival in Calabria, Italy. As I dont believe I will ever go to italy Ill have to just be happy knowing I tried this sample of the fabulous perfume. It not overpowering nor too sweet, its well mixed and smells kind of spicy but floral. Would I buy it YES can I buy it NO my budget doesnt cover perfume valued at $165 a bottle.If interested in purchasing you can click here to see the other scents they offer. ENJOY!!

      Dr Jart+ BB Cream this is a waterbased BB CReam, it is a 4 in 1 moisturizer, serum, sunscreen and and skin perfecting tint. It contains up to 50% water so it hydrates your skin without blocking pores to give your face a more light an array feel compared to using concealer. It has a slight tint to give that little bit of push to hide that little blemish you might feel uneasy about. The box came with a 2ml bottle, just enough to satisfy my curiousity. I liked it very lightweight, tint wasnt really noticeable to me, bottle was perfect to try. If interested this product can be found online as well as your nearest Sephora store.
Dr. Jart+ - Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25 PA++

     Beauty Blender Beauty Brush utensil cleanser, this was included as a little bottle and had to read what it was. As old as i am I never realized such a product even existed. A liquid you use to clean brushes and any other utensil you use to apply makeup with. It saves you money so you dont  have to keep replacing all your brushes.Can definately be purchased online at Amazon and other online retailers dont know if sold in stores :) blendercleanser®

Bingo Blitz on FB..Riviera Hotel and Casino

     On Thursday my phone rang I was inclined not to answer as it was going to be a hectic day with my kids last day of school that day. But not knowing the number out of Los Angeles it peeked my curiosity and i answered it, it was a representative calling from a "Regan Group" her name was Christina. She was calling me to inform that my name had been chosen in the sweepstakes for an all inclusive trip to The Riviera in Las Vegas to compete in the Bingo Blitz 200,000 tournament. I was not impressed as I thought it all to be a hoax, so I listened and heard, agreed  and said "yeah send me the papers via email" she stated if I took the prize I had to get papers back to her Asap, THAT MEANT NOTARIZING AND ALL. Well got papers read thru them, still in disbelief, and figured if this was a hoax and i called the number back it would say "the number you have dialed is no longer in service"...BUT" answered was a real LIVE person that knew what I was talking about and transferred me to the SAME person from before. Hmm was this real???YES!!! got all my papers signed, notoraized and faxed back to her. She called me in the afternoon to ask if I really understood I won the trip, I apologized for not being convinced and she was awesome!!
    Well Im going to Las Vegas taking one person, my friend Sybil, we will be there in July 4 days 3 nights, roundtrip airfare, spending money, gambling money, food and other prizes. The value of my prize is nearly $1300..WOW!!
     Ive only been to Vegas once, so this will be something to go without my kids :( I hope its not 120 degrees then, it would be nice to maybe walk around a bit :) Cant wait to go !!