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Thursday, April 12, 2012

**Palmolive Fresh Sponge**

     Ive fortunately received many terrific products from many different companies over the years and each time a company reaches out for consumer opinion Im elated to provide the feedback. I belong to an influencial group called the "Influensters " I was selectively chosen to test this product and provide my honest feedback.
     The Palmolive Fresh sponge is a dishwashing liquid specifically formulated to prevent that sponge you use from becoming the stinky mess that you try to freshen up and end up throwing in the garbage. I am one of those "handwashing moms" I prefer to use a soapy sponge rather than use the dishwasher not just for convenience but for energy efficiency. Using a dishwasher you wait till the load is filled, use a ton of water, then have to wait for the dishes to dry or cool off, then you have to hand clean the dishes that didnt get clean..handwashing i wasnt having to wait for anything, soap a sponge wash n scrub dishes done and dried in a few minutes and far cleaner. I prefer a sponge than a towel, the towel has no scrubbing abilities, where the sponge i use has a scrubby side and a soft side. A towel you throw in washing machine to freshen up but the sponge....well.... it doesnt matter how many times you wring it or microwave it the all seem to pick up that funky odor. The new Palmolive Fresh Sponge is formulated to give that sponge a longer life and prevent the stink.
     When opening the product I was thinking something was going to be different about the soap smells just like Palmolive does, it looks the same, its tough on grease and gentle on hands, and is phosphate free. It states the dual action formula is what makes it unique but between you and me ..its MAGIC :) I did receive my package on mOnday 04/09/2012 and have been using it since then in approx  7 sinks of dishes and the sponge has no smell, the soap is just as tough on dishes and im very happy to say BYE BYE to that stinky sponge :) Thank you influenster for this great opportunity.

I was given this product complimentary for testing purposes from Colgate-Palmolive via the Influenster program.

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